RAI Amsterdam | 6 - 9 November 2023

Pipefitting competition

Excitement until the very end at the World Championships Pipefitting!

After a great success in 2022 we present you the Pipefitting Competition at Aquatech 2023 with the World Championship Pipefitting.

This year is the 15th edition of the Pipefitting Competition, an anniversary edition.

Teams will compete against each other and against the very best Dutch water companies. The competition includes mechanics, as well as a ladies competition, a rookie race and a competition between the management teams.

Waternetwerk (Royal Netherlands Waternetwork) started pipefitting competitions in 1996 to promote the profession of pipefitting and craftsmanship.
Come cheer on the teams at stand 03.118 in hall 3.

Organised together with KNW Commissie Fitterijwedstrijden

Rules of play

The teams consist of two people (a borer and a fitter) and a coach. The intention is that they tap a 150 mm GN / C drinking water distribution pipe under pressure as quickly as possible, then connect the connecting pipe to a meter assembly and connect it to a tap. When water comes out of the tap, it is over and the time is stopped. During the competitions, at least two referees assess the participants on quality, craftsmanship, and whether all rules and safety requirements have been met.

Aquatech pipefitting 2021

Pipefitting Lounge

Close to the Pipefitting Championship there will be the Pipefitting Lounge.

This is the place to network with Dutch companies. Have a drink, connect with other water professionals and expand your network at the lounge.

Pipefitting recap

The best way to learn more about Pipefitting is to watch the recap of the 2019 edition. 


Aquatech Amsterdam is now for the 15th time in a row the stage for the fitness competitions. This year there is a special Fitterij Lounge. As a co-sponsor of the Lounge, alongside companies like Saint -Gobain and IPCO, you can comfortably host your guests alongside the action. Moreover, with your logo on the Wall of Fame, as a sponsor you will have a clear presence on our social media channels while highlighting the Dutch market. All this for €1,950. 


For more than 150 years, Saint-Gobain has been designing, manufacturing and distributing materials and solutions that are key ingredients for everyone's well-being and future. It has built up a portfolio of products, solutions and services that guarantee customers the highest level of support, with the aim of helping them to successfully design, construct and operate their projects in the drinking water, sewage and industrial sectors. As a sponsor of the pipefitting competitions, we are delighted to have this unique opportunity to participate in the Pipefitting Lounge.

Esther Lindeman - Saint-Gobain PAM Nederland B.V.



Since its establishment in 1989, IPCO has been involved in the clean commissioning, construction and maintenance of all types of drinking water pipes and connections in the Netherlands and Belgium. By sponsoring the fittery competitions; making our tapping equipment available and offering guidance; we strengthen the mutual bond. By participating in the Fitterij Lounge, the circle is complete and companies in and from the Netherlands can showcase themselves in the drinking water sector and further improve and expand the bond with each other.

Armand Boogert - IPCO