RAI AMSTERDAM | 11 - 14 MAR 2025

Be part of the Industrial & corporate water World

End-users sharing insights into industrial water footprint reduction

Industry is one of the main users of water in Europe. Water issues have entered the board rooms of large companies, with water-related risks making companies act as stakeholders amongst other water users. With water use important within industrial companies, Aquatech end Wetsus organise the Industrial & Corporate Water World creating a meeting place where industry experts can exchange their ideas and experiences with their peers in industry as well as with potential solutions providers.

Are you also involved in Industrial water use and challenged to find solutions to re-use or reduce water within your companies processes? We invite you to attend the Industrial World (free of charge), to exchange ideas and learn from experiences of industrial end-users.

The presentations, round tables and panel discussions on industrial water use are for the industry as well as by the industry, making it the ideal place to network and exchange ideas. With the Industrial &Corporate Water World we want to bridge the gap between Industry demands and solutions provided by equipment providers.

Industrial Water and Corporate World


Challenging water
In this session we focus on innovations and experiences to treat challenging wastewaters. Such wastewaters can be challenging because they have a high fouling potential, containing difficult to remove components such as persistent micropollutants or have unconventional pH or salinities. Topics: oil emulsions in water, color, heavy metals, nonbiodegradable and/or persistent components, high or low pH, high salt.

Salts and water
In this session we focus on approaches to reuse water in the (petro)chemical industry. Often salt removal and brine treatment is a challenging aspect that limits reuse and zero liquid discharge options. Topics: water-reuse, zero-liquid discharge, desalination, produced water.

Bio in water / Water security
Waste water with high loads of biodegradable organic matter offer opportunities for energy production and resource recovery. In this session we focus on innovative developments to treat such wastewaters. Topics: organic loaded waste water, biogas production, resource recovery & water reuse, biohazards, biofouling, disinfection.

Safe water reuse
Increasingly access to water is becoming problematic for a lot of industries. Water reuse is a crucial solution but at the same time this needs to take place is a safe manner and this requires additional attention due to for instance constraints in hygiene, social acceptance and possible build-up of impurities. Topics: pathogen control, viruses, bacteria, biofilm control, disinfection, water reuse, social acceptance.

Water as a utility
Water is a crucial utility in many different industries and is often the basis for heating and cooling cycles in these industries. In this session we discuss innovations in this field focusing on minimisation of water and chemicals. Topics: water for energy: steam, boiler feed water, cooling water, condensate, conditioning chemicals. water reuse, process water, ultrapure water.

Sustainable Mining
For certain crucial and strategic materials mining remains important for our society. In this sessions we explore trends in making these mining operations more sustainable. Topics: valorization of mining leachates, resource recovery, water reuse.

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