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Aquatech is the world's most complete platform for professionals in the world of water technology. During inspiring events in Amsterdam, China and Mexico, we offer industry professionals a complete overview of products and services of the world’s leading companies. We also provide you with the latest news, views & analysis on process, drinking & wastewater.


Expand your knowledge

Desalination essential guide

In this essential guide:

  • What is desalination?
  • What are the desalination processes?
  • Desalination costs
  • The worlds largest desalination plants
  • Pros and cons of desalination

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Industrial water essential guide

In this essential guide:

  • What is industrial water?
  • Water positivity: 
  • Four industrial uses of water
  • What is industrial water pollution?
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Industrial water quality requirements
  • Industrial water solutions
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PFAS essential guide

In this essential guide:

  • What are PFAS?
  • PFAS in water and the environment
  • PFAS in drinking water
  • How to remove PFAS from water
  • PFAS water filters:
  • EPA drinking water stance on PFAS
  • The future
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