RAI Amsterdam | 6 - 9 November 2023


Innovation takes centre stage at Aquatech Amsterdam!

The water sector is undergoing major changes and a new way of thinking is needed to meet the challenges the industry faces. Innovations are named as the number one reason why people visit Aquatech Amsterdam.

Research and development in the area of water are vital for the future of many businesses, as well as for a sustainable future of our world. The Aquatech InnovationLAB encourages and rewards organisations that innovate and stand out from the crowd by showcasing the nominees and winners of the Aquatech Innovation Award and demo's and scale models of fundamental research projects by Dutch and international universities and research institutes. The Innovation Award offers a platform for innovations and a guaranteed opportunity for doing business.

InnovationLAB consists of:

  • Aquatech Innovation Award nominees & winners
  • InnovationLAB experiences
  • InnovationLAB speakers' corner
InnovationLAB 2021

"In addition to the Aquatech Innovation Award, Aquatech showcases thousands of innovations and new products. Due to the large number and wide range of marketing & promotion opportunities, not all these premiers get the attention they deserve. The new 'InnovationLAB' concept resolves this through its variety of channels."

Annette Bos Aquatech Director Water

Aquatech TV

The InnovationLAB NEWSROOM was the visual media hub of Aquatech Amsterdam. Flying reporters collected content about the show and its exhibitors. Powered by Aquatech TV.

InnovationLAB Experiences

The Experiences at the InnovationLAB functions as a central platform to showcase the latest developments in fundamental research projects and research & development.