We live in an era of disruption and there is little room for complacency, even in water and wastewater utilities. Therefore, BlueTech Research and Aquatech host the Innovation Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam for the fourth time this edition. The Innovation Pavilion consists of 10 short-listed and specially selected companies and provides them with the opportunity to showcase the latest in cutting edge water technology. The participants represent disruptive new innovation, possibly upsetting old business models and causing an ripple effect to the water industry.

What's happening in the Innovation Neighbourhood.

Join a personal tour with exclusive access to innovative and award-winning water start-ups and discover what new and exciting developments these companies are bringing to the water sector. BlueTech Research analysts will guide you through our ten showcase companies, where each company will give a brief introduction to their technology, the problem(s) it solves, value proposition, current stage of development and future outlook.

Participants 2021

BlueTech Research
Clearwater 200x200
Mvest Water
Pharem Biotech
Typhon treatment systems

"We achieved everything we set out to achieve: raise company profile, MABR technology awareness and meet face to face with interested consultants, contractors and owner/operators. Reaching those who have not seen or heard of our technology is key at our stage of business. Having been nominated for the Innovation Award this year certainly helped raise our profile across Europe."

John McConomy

"We were very happy with the Aquatech team and the level of support. We also liked the stand setup and positioning. We were very happy with the opportunity to give short presentations and participate in innovation contests."

Don Martin

"The organization prior to the event was really well done and we received all the support we needed from both Aquatech and BlueTech. The crowd that Aquatech attracts: all the water-related companies we had ever been in touch with or that we were interested in were there at Aquatech, which proves that you Aquatech clearly attracting the right people and reaching every corner of the industry."

Paula Montaldi

The BlueTech Research Innovation Pavilion is the go-to-area for water professionals looking for cutting-edge technology offerings in the industry. Selected participants come from around the globe and their technologies have huge potential in applications across both the utility and industrial sectors of the water industry. Innovations are selected on the basis of the potential disruptiveness of their technologies to the market and their readiness to be implemented.