Explore global trends, launching innovations and experts from around the world with just one visit!

Over 22,000 water professionals from all over the world will be at Aquatech Amsterdam. You meet other water professionals, expand your knowledge, discover new technologies and visit market leaders and start-ups.

Since 1964, Aquatech Amsterdam has been the only show in the world covering ONLY water and EVERY aspect of water. At Aquatech Amsterdam, the spotlight is on 800+ exhibitors, 200+ speakers, product launches, award-winning innovations and every corner of the water world. Is passing this up really an option for you?


11 – 14 March 2025 

Tue 11 March 2025 10:00–18:00
Wed 12 March 2025 10:00–18:00
Thu 13 March 2025 10:00–18:00
Fri 14 March 2025 10:00–16:00

800+ exhibitors

20,000+ water experts and 800+ exhibiting companies will meet at Aquatech Amsterdam. Entrepreneurs will present their new products and services on the show floor and on the AquaStages.


Our extensive programme

Extensive programme

Make the most out of 4 days of networking and sharing knowledge with your industry peers. Attended educational, inspirational seminars and presentations about the latest trends and developments.


All about innovation

Aquatech Amsterdam offers a platform to explore the latest trends, products and services. At the InnovationLAB & the BlueTech Research Innovation Pavilion, the latest innovations are presented.


In the

Custom built FRP media and cartridge filters for water treatment

TECHNOL is a designer and manufacturer of vertical and horizontal FRP pressure multimedia filters for water treatment. In desalination, Technol filters can be used as a pre-treatment in facilities of all sizes, stabilizing the quality of filtered water before the reverse osmosis phase.

Technol produce pressure filters up to 4m in diameter and 15m in length or height and max. 10bar of working pressure, filters backwashing is possible with water and air.


Redefining desalination performance with unmatched capacity and durability

The PX Q400 is the next evolution in Energy Recovery's trusted PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination and wastewater facilities. At 400 gallons per minute (gpm) and <3% volumetric mixing, it is the highest capacity and highest performing PX yet. Made with corrosion-proof ceramic and designed with only one moving part, the PX Q400 supports a 25-year design life with no scheduled maintenance, leading to incredibly low life cycle costs and maximum uptime.

Energy Recovery has spent decades perfecting the reliable and field-tested PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology to help small and large-size desalination and water treatment plants around the world optimize their operations and significantly reduce energy usage. Proven in low, high, and ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis applications, Energy Recovery’s full suite of pressure exchanger solutions offers the best-in-class energy recovery devices on the market.