RAI AMSTERDAM | 11 - 14 MAR 2025

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Support the good cause donation programme

We are grateful for the opportunity to organise and facilitate events and meetings in a great city like Amsterdam. At the same time, we’re very aware of the impact major events can have on the city and its inhabitants. This is why we look for ways to give back wherever possible to the local community.

This year Aquatech will have a donation programme for exhibitors. Exhibitors are invited to donate unwanted items to the donation room on the final exhibition day. Items that can be donated could for example be plants, furniture, any food & drinks (that can be kept at room temperature). A complete list of what can be donated will be communicated at the end of the exhibition. Donated items will be distributed among various social initiatives in the Amsterdam region, like for instance The Food Bank Amsterdam, the Salvation Army Amsterdam and the Regenboog Group.

How to donate

On the last day of the exhibitions, from 14:00 - 18:00 pm, exhibitors are invited to donate unwanted items to the donation room. Please bring them to the Exhibitor Services desks at Entrance K. Our dedicated Donate Team will be on the show floor to collect items that meet the donation criteria. You can recognise our team by the red colour of their shirt.

All donated items will be assessed by the Donate Team to see whether they meet the needs of the social initiatives. Donations of all the items indicated on the list below are welcome. They should be undamaged, (easy to) clean and complete (where relevant). Food products or beverages should be unopened. The Donate Team has the right to refuse items that are not in line with the needs of the associated social initiatives. If you wish to donate something not included in the list below, please discuss the options with the Donate Team – whether or not it can be accepted will depend on the product in question.

Donation category

Donation item

Food & drinks Any food & drinks that can be kept at room temperature, e.g. fruits, pastries or unopened tins, jars and bottles.
Furniture Any food & drinks that can be kept at room temperature, e.g. fruits, pastries or unopened tins, jars and bottles.
Green Plants
Electronics Televisions, iPads, overhead projectors, projection screens, computers (laptops & tablets), audio and video electronics.
Decoration (Plastic) plants/flowers, plastic decoration material, flowerpots and vases.
Bags Paper, linen, jute and cotton bags.
Office supplies Pens, pencils, notebooks and paper agendas.
Kitchen electronics Freezers, refrigerators, ovens, deep-fryers, bar cooling equipment, coffee makers, electric kettles, milk frothers.
Tableware Cutlery, glasses (water, wine & long drink glasses), water carafes, mugs, cups, bowls and plates.
Outdoor Umbrellas, bicycles
Entertainment (board)games, toys, sports equipment, puzzles, books, football table.
Personal Hygiene Soap, Shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, razor blades, baby care products, laundry detergent, disinfect soap/gel, Band-Aids, incontinence materials, sanitary pads, diapers, wet wipes.
Clothing and cosmetics Clothing, shoes, make-up, hair-cosmetics, skin-products, accessories.
Cleaning All unopened cleaning materials, buckets
Disposables Plastic and paper cups, cutlery, paper plates, sugar, coffee milk, unopened boxes of stirrers.

Like to know who your items will be given to?

Here is an overview of the social initiatives connected to the programme where we give the various donated items a second life.