sarphati sanitation symposium


November 6, 10:00 – 16:00 hrs
Future Water Theatre, hall 13, 1th floor, booth number 13.120
Entrance: free of charge

Currently, 2.4 billion people worldwide lack basic access to sanitation. Proper sanitation holds the key to improved outcomes in health, safety, gender equality and education but the world is not on track to reach the goals set out by the UN for SDG 6.2: access to adequate and equitable sanitation for all.

Dr. Samuel Sarphati was a 19th century doctor, chemist and city planner who radically improved sanitation through entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. In his spirit, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards were created to honor innovation and commitment to global sanitation challenges.

This year, World Waternet, Aqua for All and FMO are honored to present the first ever Sarphati Sanitation Symposium. This one day free symposium will bring together actors in water and sanitation to discover and explore innovative sanitation methods, funding instruments and ways to increase the awareness and political support for sanitation. We believe that proper sanitation access for all is within reach. Will you join us?


10.00 - Walk in

10:30 - Welcome and introduction

10:45 - Main challenges in sanitation, statements and solutions followed by a panel discussion:
            • Global Perspectives on Urban Water and Sanitation. Kala Vairavamoorthy, Executive Director IWA
            • How to facilitate investors and other finance streams in Sanitation Pritha Hariram, Senior Business Development Officer, NL Business Department, FMO
            • Sanitation and crosscutting synergy other SDG’s, case study Kisumu Victor Langenberg Acacia Water
            • The three economies of the toilet services, Cheryl Hicks, Toilet Board Coalition

11:15 - Panel discussion led by Josien Sluijs (CEO A4A) and Steven van Rossum (CEO WWn)

11:40 - Short break

11:50 - SSA and Wetskills winners/nominees and a Wetskills group

  1. Raul Manuel Briceno Brignole
  2. Nominated for: X-Runner, an organization from Peru which creates portable, safe and hygienic dry toilets for urban households in Lima

  3. Ajeet Oak
  4. Nominated for: Tiger Toilet, an innovative flushing on-site sanitation system which works by vermifiltration

  5. Mwila Lwando
  6. Nominated for: Live Clean Initiatives, which develops and operate public toilet and shower facilities that are clean, hygienic and affordable in peri-urban areas of Zambia

    Lifetime achievement:

  7. Sharmina Gimonkar
  8. On behalf of Jockin Arputham, Sharmila will present the works of SPARC, Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers. SPARC, along with the National Slum Dwellers Federation which Jockin founded, and Mahila Milan form the Indian Alliance which works on issues related to slum and pavement dwellers.

  9. Wetskills Winner

12:15 - Questions, answers and discussion with the audience, panel and the SSA winners

12:30 - Lunch break

13:30 -Entrance of the WaterWorx participants

13:30 -Presentation Health Promotors Educational Theater

14:00 -Short wrap up of the morning sessions, afternoon introduction

14:15 -Naucalpan Wastewater Treatment System project, Carlos Puente, Director Water, Energy and Environment BANOBRAS, Mexico

14:25 -Instructions round table

14:30 -Workshop session

The content of the workshop will be aligned with the topics discussed in the morning session. There will be 6 topics:

  1. How can we finance sanitation? The business approach is leading
  2. How to monetize social impact? The value of social return on investments in sanitation
  3. How to create an Agenda4Change in awareness and advocacy? Politics is ready for systemic change
  4. The promise of technology? We can do it
  5. Promising entrepreneurs are tackling the sanitation economy challenge – who will kickstart them?
  6. How to monetize the nexus with other SDGs? Pricing crosscutting – impact is possible

15:30 - Conclusions of this day (Representative DG Ministry of Foreign affairs). What do we take back.

16:00 - End of the symposium

Day moderators: Sjef Ernes A4A, Edilberto Baquero FMO, Otto Ferf Jentink WWn

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Dr. Samuel Sarphati (1813-1866) was one of the most influential residents of Amsterdam during the 19th century. As a doctor, chemist and city planner, he was committed to radically improve public hygiene, mitigate catastrophic poverty levels and thus, better the living conditions of citizens. Back then, the streets of Amsterdam were exceedingly littered with waste. Dr. Sarphati proved that by moving the waste out of the city and processing it for agricultural purposes, money could be made and sanitation within the city could be drastically improved.

Sarphati Sanitation Symposium

On the 4th of November, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards will be handed out for the fourth time during the Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW).

The Sarphati Sanitation Symposium is a partner of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards (SSA). Back in 2013, Aqua for All, World Waternet, and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) initiated the SSA to recognise and honour contributions to the global sanitation & public health challenges through entrepreneurship.