Removal of Micropollutants

7 November 2019
10:00 - 16:00hrs
Future Water Theatre; Hall 13; Booth 13.120

In the Netherlands an extensive research programme on innovative technologies for removal of micropollutants from municipal wastewater has started up in 2018. The results of the first feasibility studies will be presented. This event focusses on technologies, which are on the verge of break-through. Suppliers, consultants and water managers will pitch their ideas in this interactive event in which there is ample room for discussion with participants.

STOWA (Acronym for Foundation for Applied Water Research) is the knowledge centre of regional water managers in the Netherlands. Its mission is to develop, collect, distribute and implement applied knowledge, which the water managers need in order to adequately carry out the tasks that their work supports. This expertise can cover applied technical, scientific, administrative-legal or social science fields.