Finding new ways to share knowledge and best practices has never been more important in the world of water technology. Aquatech Amsterdam is more than just an exhibition. In 2019, visitors will discover the latest trends, developments, and solutions to mitigate water challenges. Discover our guided tours, seminars, co-located events, theme & country pavilions, and social events.

Explore the Theme Pavilions

During Aquatech Amsterdam 2019, all that Aquatech has to offer is organised into Halls, Theme Pavilions, and Country Pavilions.

Industrial User Experience

Visitors have the opportunity to dive into the world of industrial water use at The Industrial User Experience, powered by Wetsus. It offers the latest solutions and information on water use in key sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, food & beverage, paper, energy, and chemicals.

Desalination Pavilion

Water scarcity and water re-use are a growing market for both governments and the private sector, as they become ever more pressing issues in many regions of the world. The use of desalination is growing all over the world. Visitors learn from experts at this specialised Desalination Pavilion.

Smart Water Networks (SWAN)

The SWAN Pavilion offers a focused hotspot to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the sector and it is complemented by a seminar programme at the AquaStage. The following participants joined the last edition: Aganova, Bentley Systems International, ControlPoint, Kamstrup, Servelec, Utilis Israel, and WatEner.


The AquaStage is a unique platform for knowledge exchange, located on the exhibition floor. Make use of the AquaStage to profile your company and generate leads by informing prospective customers about your specialism.

Pumps & Process Plaza

The Pumps & Process Plaza is the place to be for water users interested in pumps, pump systems, and other related components. During the last edition, top industry leaders such as KSB Nederland, Xylem Water Solution, and Flux Pompen Benelux shared their knowledge on manufacturing, research, development, and application of pumps and pump systems.

Water Quality Association (WQA) Pavilion

Joining the WQA Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 comes with lots of benefits, such as a ready-to-occupy stand, exclusive promotional tools provided by the organisers, the chance of meeting new prospects, and an easy way to enter the European market.

BlueTech Innovation Pavilion

The Pavilion is a joint effort with BlueTech Research, the world’s most accessible intelligence platform on water innovation. With 60+ clients, ranging from large water corporates to water investors and established end users, BlueTech Research has the power to influence the future of the water sector and of your company.

Explore the Country Pavilions

​Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 features a wide number of Country Pavilions, dedicated areas on the show floor featuring exhibiting companies from the same country. Well-known national and international firms and associations join forces.

Bayern Pavilion

If you are interested to join the Bayern Pavilion during Aquatech Amsterdam 2019, please contact:

Mr. Dirk Lauterbach

+49 (0)911 86 06 86 95

British Water Pavilion

This pavilion offers UK exhibitors a ready-to-occupy stand and full support during the show. There's also extra publicity for the British Pavilion before and during the event, which will help increase the flow of visitors.

If you would like more information about the British Pavilion, please contact:

Nigel Hurcomb

+ 44 1306 500 512

Chinese ACE VISION Pavilion

If you are interested in joining the Chinese ACE VISION during Aquatech Amsterdam 2019, please contact:

Acevision (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd


Danish Export Association Pavilion

This pavilion is organised by the Danish Water Technology Group, comprised of more than 50 Danish water sector companies. It is part of the Danish Export Association, the largest organiser of export networks and a gateway to 500+ Danish exporters. Danish water companies are renowned for high quality, sustainability, holistic thinking, and energy efficiency.

Ilse Korsvang

+45 8681 38 88

Finnish Pavilion

Finnish Water Ecosystem country pavilion has several innovative water sector companies. Finnish cleantech and high technology knowledge is world famous. At the stand latest measuring technologies and wireless connectivity solutions are demonstrated. At the stand you can see water treatment process development, documentation and monitoring.

Finland has unique nature with thousands lakes and all companies are passionately pursuing new innovations and solutions for sustainable use of water resources.

A list of all the participants of the finnish pavilion:

  • Sensmet Ltd.
  • Waterix
  • Owatec
  • Buildie
  • KL Lämpö

If you would like more information about the Finnish Pavilion, please contact:

Mr. Jukka Taskinen

+348 40 545 6932

Holland Pavilion

The Dutch water sector offers a wide range of sustainable solutions on efficient (waste) water management, purification, nutrient recovery, water reuse, smart monitoring, and other innovative water technologies. The Netherlands is well known for its Delta approach and water governance. This pavilion is organised by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) in close cooperation with Water Alliance and Envaqua.

Noeska de Nobel

+31 (0)70 304 37 26

Taiwan Pavilion

The Taiwanese Drinking Water Equipment Association (TDWEA) will join Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 with a country pavilion. The TDWEA offers a money subsidy for participating companies. On top of that the Pavilion offers participating companies a collective stand design and a preferred stand location. For more details regarding this pavilion please contact:

Mr. Roger LEE

+886 (0)972 601 659

WEF Pavilion

The WEF Pavilion makes it easier for companies to exhibit at major water/wastewater shows around the world. Under the program, WEF purchases exhibit space with the major international water quality shows and with fully-furnished booth space. WEFTEC Exhibitors also earn One WEFTEC Priority Point. For more information regarding the WEF Pavilion, please contact:

Cari McBride


Aquatech Innovation Forum 2019

How is digitalisation improving water supply?

Campagnebeeld AQIF met tekst

Content Programme


Knowledge exchange and networking were an important part of the Aquatech platform. The AquaStage (booth 03.118) offered visitors networking opportunities and easy access to free educational sessions.
Topics on stage were, Innovation, Circular Economy, Climate Change, Pollution Control, Resilient Cities, Water Scarcity and many more.

Aquatech Run

Visitors challenged their colleagues and invited their clients for a 5k Aquatech Run! They combined business and sports to enjoy this great opportunity for networking in a very different way. Some of the participants ran, whilst the others walked the Aquatech Run. The Aquatech Run took place on Thursday 2 November and started at 7 am. The participants enjoyed the beautiful route through the Beatrixpark and finished in front of the Aquatech entrance, where a healthy breakfast was presented to them. The registration costs of € 25 and the proceeds went to a water related charity!

Social Event: Boat tour through the canals

Visitors and their colleagues, customers, and business friends joined us on a boat tour through the city centre canals, departing from the RAI Amsterdam harbor. Once again we organised this Aquatech social event for them to enjoy some time with other water technology experts in a less formal setting.