RAI AMSTERDAM | 11 - 14 MAR 2025

Eu Innovation Projects Event

The EU Innovation Projects Pavilion is a special pavilion hosting innovation projects that have received EU funding to further develop. Several of the projects will also give a presentation in the InnovationLAB. Join the presentations in the InnovationLAB and find out more about these interesting projects!

  • (Accelerate Innovation in Urban Wastewater Management for Climate Change) project is focused on the serious risk posed by the uncertainty of the extend of climate change for the effectiveness of wastewater management.

  • provides an integrated approach to the improvement of technical, social and market readiness of climate resilience innovations in a synchronous way.

  • DHP Technology
  • Retractable Solar Folding Roof HORIZON – Horizon can double use industrial areas for solar power production. The main application is over the open sediment tanks of wastewater treatment plants to increase the self-sufficiency about 50% in average.

  • The FIRE project
  • actively identifies opportunities to deliver value from Earth Observation powered services.

  • Enhanced MUlti
  • Functional Membranes for Water Treatment and Desalination “Enhanced-MUMs” targets the development of advanced multifunctional and low-cost polymeric membranes for water treatment and/or desalination.

  • focuses on the strategic, tactical and operational protection of critical water infrastructures against physical and cyber threats.

  • is a system for continuous and real-time monitoring of water Toxicity. It automatically detects millions of micropollutants and recombined compounds in effluents.

  • VPdelta Dutch water solutions
  • stimulates the development of new innovative concepts in the water sector. Through several fieldlabs, such as the WaterStraat and Flood Proof Holland, startups can test their innovation with less limits regarding regulation.

  • develops a scalable software solution that will facilitate short lead times for future implementation of VanderSat in Ag

  • Polyethylene modular floating covers to suppress evaporation losses and algae growth in water reservoirs.

  • Microbial Desalination for low energy drinking water. The MIDES project aims to revolutionise desalination by developing a sustainable low-energy process of producing safe drinking water, using Microbial Desalination Cells (MDC).

  • Kaumera Nereda® Gum
  • Kaumera Nereda® Gum is a new bio-based resource which is produced from aerobic granular sludge originated from the Nereda® wastewater treatment process.

  • is a business accelerating project that helps entrepreneurs and startups, who want to have an impact in the environmental sector.

  • Systemic
  • The Green Mineral Mining Center consists of smart combination of resource recovery technologies which will play an important role in solving European manure, nitrogen and phosphate problems.

  • Pharem Filtration System
  • Next generation water treatment technology for removal of tough organic micro pollutants.

  • SCORE Water
  • In this project information and analysis products for the climate adaptive city will be developed. It focusses on enhancing the resilience of cities against climate change and urbanization. models. Next, to demonstrate the effectiveness of VanderSat soil moisture in two of the most widespread models in agricultural production.

  • Water4Cities
  • Holistic Surface Water and Groundwater Management for Sustainable Cities The Water4Cities project relies on sensor technologies, data and visualization techniques to enable analysis of urban water data (both surface water and groundwater related) at a holistic urban setting providing services to multiple water stakeholders.

  • ViviMag
  • will develop and up-scale a magnetic separation process to recover the insoluble iron phosphate mineral vivianite from Sewage Treatment Plants that rely on chemical phosphate removal.