5 - 8 November 2019

do you want to attend aquatech amsterdam,
but your manager is not on board yet?

Attending a tradeshow asks for an investment to be made. Your manager will probably ask you how this investment will benefit the company. We offer you tips to help you explain why attending Aquatech Amsterdam is a must, and will benefit not only you, but your company!

Be prepared

Tip 1

Make sure your request is clear, and have answers ready for questions you expect to be asked.

Pick the right time

Tip 2

Plan a meeting when you know your manager has enough time to listen to your request, and your reasons for wanting to attend.

Be enthusiastic!

Tip 3

Show that you're eager and willing to check for information you're unable to give on the spot.

Can't be missed at work?

One reason your manager may hesitate to let you attend a tradeshow abroad, is because you are needed at work.

Aquatech Amsterdam offers you free WiFi and a business lounge for you to check your emails and attend a virtual meeting. Perhaps its also possible for you to work some overtime before attending Aquatech, to make up for time spent at the event.

Show the value & opportunities for your company: your preparation

The first question you will most likely be asked is: "Why do you need to attend this event?". The hidden question of course being: "How will this benefit me (your boss or company)?". Preparing these subjects will help you with your meeting.


Have your schedule ready

Check website to find out about the programme and what events will benefit your work and your company by attending them.


Know about the costs & benefits

Write down the extimated costs. Do research to make sure your estimate is not too high, and not too low. Things to keep in mind are:


Present your findings

  • Make notes during presentations & workshops
  • Take pictures & videos of innovations
  • Have tailor-made quotations made & pick up (digital) leaflets
  • Use social media to inform your target audience
  • Schedule follow ups with interesting companies
  • Visit the website in the weeks after the show to download presentations
  • Present your findings during a staff meeting
  • Implement ready-to-use strategies

good luck!

We look forward to meeting you at Aquatech Amsterdam this November.

If you need to hand over a written request, we have an example letter to help you in the right direction.

Example request letter »