Be part of the Industrial User Experience!

End-users share insights into industrial water footprint reduction in Hall 11

Industry is one of the main users of water in Europe. We invite you to attend the mini-seminars at the Aquatech Industrial User Experience (free of charge), to exchange ideas and learn from experiences of industrial end-users such as DS Smith packaging & paper company and Avebe.

The 2-hour seminars on industrial water use are for the industry & by the industry, making it the ideal place to network and exchange ideas. Our objective is to create a meeting place where end-users, for example oil & gas or food & beverage, meet with their peers within the industry, as well as with potential solutions providers. With the Industrial User Experience (IUE) we bridge the gap between Industry demands and solutions provided by equipment providers.

Knowledge exchange

Industry is one of the main water users in Europe. Water issues have entered the board rooms of large companies, with water-related risks making companies act as stakeholders amongst other water users. With water use being important within industrial companies, Aquatech and Wetsus join forces to organise the Industrial User Experience – a meeting place where industry experts are encouraged to exchange their ideas and experiences with their peers within the industry, as well as with potential solutions providers.

Programme overview of Aquatech Industrial User Experience (IUE) seminar sessions

5 November - Oil & Gas Industry

10:30 Welcome & registration

11:00 - 12:30 Solving water restrictions:
Access to sufficient water as well as discharge of water is becoming increasingly restricted. This session explores novel approaches to new water sources, reuse water and zero liquid discharge options.

15:00 - 16:30 The upcoming role of sensoring in the Oil & Gas sector:
Smart water sensors are expected to become increasingly important for the Oil & Gas sector to save costs and increase safety and compliance. This session explores first experiences with this important development.

6 November - Food, Beverage and Paper industry

10:30 Welcome & registration

11:00 - 12:30 Resource recovery from organic loaded wastewater
Water reduction and water reuse has the advantage that wastewater volumes are reduced and concentrated. Such COD rich wastewater presents both opportunities (biogas production, resource recovery) and challenges for a reliable and stable treatment. High salt contents or oils and fats may complicate the treatment.

15:00 - 16:30 Water security in the Food, Beverage & Paper industry
Water is a critical resource for the Food, Beverage and Paper industry. Increasingly water stress can threaten the production and therefore new water sources need to be found and developed.

7 November: Chemicals & Energy

10:30 Welcome & registration

11:00 - 12:30 Water use and re-use: opportunities and constraints
Increased pressures on water resources require industries to reduce water consumption, find other sources and reuse water. This sets increasing demands to water treatment in the chemical industry.

15:00 - 16:30 Greening water conditioning for power generation
Chemicals are widely used to condition cooling water and boiler feed water in the chemical and energy sector. This sector explores how the use of chemicals can be minimized and if green alternatives are available.

Daily Programme


The programme has a special focus each day:

  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Food, Beverage & Paper
  • Chemical Sector
  • Energy & Power Industries

Which companies participated?


In 2017, speakers at the Industrial User Experience included market leaders, such as:

  • Shell, Nestlé, DSM Sinochem
  • Rainbow Chicken

Sponsors for the 2017 Experience were DOW, Paques, Berghof, and Veolia.

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