5 - 8 November 2019

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Media partners of Aquatech Amsterdam 2017

3R – The technical journal covers the areas pipe manufacturing , pipe processing , pipeline construction as well as technical , economic and legal issues of transportation of liquid, gaseous and solid materials in pipes and pipelines. The trade publication can be ordered as single issue or in the All- in-one subscription - printed copy + digital ePaper ( PDF ) + online archive Title ( issues since 2008). There is also an online presence with a private market directory under www.3R-Rohre.de.


Aquarama is the trade magazine for water technology in Belgium. Aquarama is send to 6000 addresses (industrial companies, engineering and design offices in the building sector, hydraulic contractors, slaghterhouses, water companies, water treatment firms, hospitals, municipal and council technical services, environmental specialists, laundries and swimming pool builders). Aquarama has 4 issues a year: in March, June, September and December. Besides this magazine FCO Media is organising every year, in October, the Aquarama Trade Fair. This is the only trade fair and network event for water technology in Belgium. For more information visit www.aquarama.be


Automation Blue

AUTOMATION BLUE is the magazine for automation solutions for water systems. The editorial spectrum covers the topics sensors, analytics, automation / control systems, data transmission, actuating elements and software. It is published with four issues per year.

Asian Water

Asian Water

Asian Water is the leading water and wastewater magazine in Asia. Reaching out to professionals and executives in industries and governments. Regional news, country focuses, technology updates, product information, case studies, market trends and coverage of exhibitions and conferences. Regular features on specific products such as pumps, valves, pipes, filtration membranes, treatment equipment, software and other related equipment. Now more than ever, Asian Water is accessible to you at your fingertips.


Bluetech Research

BlueTech® Research provides investors, water companies, researchers and regulators with the latest information at their fingertips. The company provides clarity and critical analysis on emerging water technology market areas.
BlueTech Research maps and analyses the water technology innovation landscape. The company is focused on what is changing and how new approaches, new technologies and new needs are reshaping the water technology market.

cities today

Cities today

Cities Today is the only global magazine containing analysis, comment and best practices on sustainable urban development, connecting local governments with public and private sector solutions. With an expert editorial advisory board comprising the World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP, and city associations ICLEI, C40, UCLG ASPAC, UCLG Africa, UCLG MEWA, Sister Cities International and FLACMA, the publication highlights the challenges facing city leaders and local governments in mobility, finance, smart technology, health care, energy efficiency, water, sanitation, security and housing.


Dutch Water Sector

The global website www.dutchwatersector.com delivers expert coverage of the Dutch water sector that is of interest to you and your field of work. This includes news and events, projects, companies, research, country information, innovations and the latest developments. With daily news covering all international aspects of the Dutch water sector, dutchwatersector.com’s editorial team keeps you up to date and well informed. Water management, flood expertise, water technology, innovations, research and so much more, the place to find all you need to know about the Dutch Water Sector is www.dutchwatersector.com.

Environmental XPRT is a leading B2B marketplace, professional network & information resource that connects over 1,000,000 global environmental professionals from the industry, government and research & development sectors to more than 44,000 environmental companies & organizations that provide the products, services and information they need on a daily basis.Through our portal and suite of over 60 e-bulletins, we deliver an unmatched wealth of environmental industry information and resources to qualified buyers, like supplier listings, product catalogs, publications, events, articles, job postings, news & more.

We provide suppliers of environmental industry products and solutions a myriad of online marketing services aimed at generating qualified buying leads, new customers & new markets.

Envirotec’s readership spans government, local authority and private enterprise. Buyers and specifiers, readers are environmental professionals, including Commercial Managers, Programme and Project Managers working in a wide range of sectors and are responsible for making sure the environment is protected and preserved. The editorial offers a comprehensive rundown of new product announcements. These run alongside authoritative features and news articles, helping our readers understand the wider context behind these announcements, with the aim to distil the reality from the hype.


EA water logo 


EverythingAboutWater is a leading monthly print & e-magazine (www.eawater.com/eMagazine) on global water sector. It reaches 29,081 active, influential, and engaged readers, who have the discretionary budgets to acquire the products and services that cater to their industrial demands. EverythingAboutWater consistently provides new ways to connect the water industry with end-user industries. EA Water Pvt Ltd is India's only knowledge and marketing solutions provider in the area of water and wastewater management. For over a decade, our verticals: Publishing, Training and Events have been instrumental in taking initiatives directed towards awareness on most critical water related issues. It would hence be fair to say that the company has been a market leader and innovator in the water sector. Our history spans over 14 years and since its inception in the year 2000 the company has been committed towards increasing awareness and knowledge on the water and wastewater management sector and helping promote various water-related offerings to a focused audience base.

EWS is working to help water stewards understand their own water use, catchment context and shared risk in terms of water governance, water balance, water quality, and important water-related areas; and then engage in meaningful individual and collective actions that benefit people and nature. EWS has changed behaviors of water users by providing clear incentives for better water management and a means for waters to communicate their achievements in water management.
Additionally, EWS is strengthening public awareness on European water policy and engaging new stakeholders in water issues by creating a platform of exchange on water stewardship expertise.



Filtration+Separation is the only international magazine for professional working with filtration and separation equipment worldwide and has been bringing clear solutions to filtration and separation equipment users and manufacturers for nearly 50 years.

Logo Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling International

Fluid Handling International is dedicated to liquid handling and transfer equipment in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, wastewater and oil & petrochemical industries. The magazine, launched in 2013, brings you updates to regulations, the latest technology developments and technical articles exploring market challenges. The magazine is sent to over 15,000 utilities, plant engineers, managers and operations directors. On top of this the Fluid Handling website is updated daily.


Cooler Plus Magazine

FoodBev Media offers all you need to know about food and drink innovation and trends around the world and interprets them to help you improve your business. Our two industry-leading publications, FoodBev and Cooler Plus, provide our audience with up-to-date news, trends, innovations, events and analysis. Each issue of Cooler Plus includes the latest innovations and trends in the water cooler, office coffee and vending industry worldwide – plus unique interviews, and features on the latest technologies, design, environmental, and health and wellness initiatives. For more information please visit www.foodbev.com/cooler-plus-magazine



FuturENVIRO magazine is highly focused on the reader and advertiser with an innovative and vibrant design, providing up to date information in a unique bilingual Spanish/English format. With offices in Spain, Mexico and a commercial representative in USA and Canada, FuturENVIRO is able to offer a true and highly effective international distribution.

FuturENVIRO publishes 5 issues per year, dealing with all water management & treatment topics, covering: Urban and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Purification, Drinking Water Treatment, Desalination, Reuse, Sewage and Supply Networks, Pretreatment and Chemical Reagents, Odour Control, Sludge Management and Treatment: Biogas, Filtration Technologies: MBR, UF, MF, NF, Energy Efficiency and Saving, Automation, Control & Instrumentation, Auxiliary Machinery: Instrumentation, Pumping, Valves, etc., Smart Agriculture: Drones, Irrigation, Water Footprint, Smart Cities; and much more.

F&S - Filtrieren und Separieren is the only German journal presenting developments in the area of filtration and separation. With its content geared to practical applications F&S reports exclusively on new processes, apparatus and machines and their usages. The magazine also considers market trends and the internal transformation occurring within companies. F&S reaches users of filtration and separation technologies. See also our special, annual, English-language publication, the "F&S-International Edition", distributed worldwide. It contents a selection of our editorial spectrum translated into English. Also: don't miss the bilingual Global Guide of the Filtration and Separation Industry, which our publishing house brings out every two years in English and German.

Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence is the market leading provider of business development information on international private water markets. We track pre award stage desalination, re-use, and PPP projects around the world, as well as providing critical market analysis and insight. Developers, suppliers, financiers, governments, utilities and municipalities all use our magazines and market reports to create strategy and generate growth. Our aim is to provide exclusive information before it's available else ware. See website for free trails and samples.

GWF logo

GWF Wasser/Abwasser

gwf Wasser|Abwasser is the leading professional magazine in water and wastewater business dealing with research, technologies, practice and application. It is the only one in its business using a peer review process to ensure the high scientific quality oft the published research reports. The wide theme range is including e.g. hydrogeology, freshwater purification, wastewater treatment, water protection, microbiology and judical subjects. Interviews, comments and debates concerning controversial issues, business news as well as scientific results and best practice applications are completing the research reports. Regularly, the „Netzwerk Wissen“ special shows an insight of german universities, their knowledge and research network dealing with water and wastewater business.

H2O logo

H2O and Water Matters

H2O is first of all the monthly magazine of Royal Dutch Waternetwerk, the independent knowledge networking organisation for and by Dutch water professionals. H2O-Online (www.vakbladh2o.nl) is the internet platform for articles written by Dutch water professionals.Thirdly there is Water Matters, the new ‘knowledge section’ of H2O regarding water technology and water safety. It was launched (in Dutch) this Spring (in print) and is now translated in English and published as digital magazine (www.h2o-watermatters.com). Water Matters is also a publication of Royal Dutch Waternetwerk. It is supported by seven key parties in the Dutch water sector: Alterra Wageningen University, ARCADIS, Deltares, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Royal HaskoningDHV and the Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA).Water Matters will be published twice a year and is committed to expert knowledge sharing by the Dutch Water sector. Knowledge with great value for practice, in the long and short term.



INDUSTRIEARMATUREN is the leading B2B print medium for suppliers and users of industrial valves and related products. Well-known experts from the field as well as from research and development write about the basic and the latest. INDUSTRIEARMATUREN is published with four German and one English issue (INDUSTRIAL VALVES) per year.


Pomp NL   Pumpe DE
www.pompnl.nl   www.pumpede.de

Pomp NL & Pumpe DE: strong trade journals for a key part of the European market.
With our trade journals Pomp NL and Pumpe DE, we present you two high quality and well accepted trade journals that will reach pump users in an important part of the European market: the Benelux and Germany. In our editorial program we present many current themes that tops the list of many end-users, for instance Industry 4.0, Sustainability and Life Cycle Costs. We like to bring new inspiration to the markets. For us there lays the task to inform our readers about new production possibilities that meet with the demands of today and tomorrow.



The Petrochem platform is a management platform for the oil and chemical industry. Our main focus is on middle and high management of the Dutch and Flemish industry. Both asset owners and service providers in the value chain from oil exploitation, refinery and the chemical industry.

Pollution Equipment News

Pollution Equipment News is a magazine and website covering the pollution control industry. Covering the environmental industries of water, wastewater, air and hazardous waste pollution. Featuring equipment and services used by those who are responsible and/or designs the pollution abatement systems and policies for their organizations. Topics that are covered: green technologies that reduce the organization's environmental impact; Air quality testing instrumentation and air cleaning equipment; Waste and wastewater technologies to clean up polluted streams of water to mean EPA's standards for drinking and wastewater applications.

Process Control

Process Control is een vakblad, voor de procesindustrie, over procesbesturing en -optimalisatie. Een vakblad, over produceren, waarin de techniek van de procesbeheersing centraal staat, maar dat ook oog heeft voor de bedrijfskundige en maatschappelijke context waarin deze plaatsvindt.

With 30 years in the market and 185 issues published, RETEMA is widely recognised in the professional environment sector. Our magazine has published the most important projects of the last three decades. Our magazine RETEMA is different from the rest due to its quality, both graphically (high quality impression) and in terms of contents (selection of the most outstanding issues). RETEMA is not just a magazine, it is a full completly platform that rests on five pilars: the magazine paper, the magazine in digital format, the portal www.retema.es, the newsletters and social platforms. Our website, www.retema.es, is actually one of the main references of the sector and a information point for professionals. A very complet website where you will find the main daily news, articles, reports and our magazine in digital version. 


Riorama is the trade magazine for sewage technology in the Flemish part of Belgium. Riorama is send to 3000 addresses (contractor for water and sewerage companies, civil engineers, maintenance departments of cities and municipalities, intermunicipal utility companies and engineering consulting firms. Riorama has 4 issues a year : in March, June, September and December.

The Source is the official magazine of the International Water Association (IWA) and is distributed to all IWA members and exclusively at all the market leading events of the IWA. The association is represented through 10,000 individual and 500 corporate members in 130 countries, providing a unique collaboration between researchers and academics, national and local governments, business and equipment solution providers, utilities, and consultant professionals.

storm water solutions 

Storm Water Solutions Magazine

Storm Water Solutions provides high quality editorial content covering the latest storm water and erosion control industry developments. Subscribers include engineers, contractors, government officials and other professionals who actively design, specify, buy, operate and maintain storm water and erosion control industry equipment and services.

The Water Network by AquaSPE AG is the largest online knowledge sharing platform and business exchange for global water professionals with members from 190 countries. Highlights: . Solving the world's water crisis one question and answer at a time.

  • Knowledge exchange for the world's leading water professionals
  • Online Portal for high impact projects
  • Business source for water industry suppliers

Utilities is a platform for energy, water and gasses in the free energy market. Utilities is an independent source and hub for knowledge, innovation and expertise.

The unique combination of the magazine, website, newsletters, events, suppliers register, books and SEM solutions delineates VMT as an authority and complete interlocutor for professionals in the food industry. VMT ’s content reflects the manifold possibilities inherent in the food industry. VMT apprises its readers about everything surrounding the food industry. Established more than 125 years ago the magazine is a respected and trusted source for directors and management of quality assurance; R&D; product development; production; marketing and sales. VMT has its own independent, expert editors who are supported by an editorial advisory board. It boasts several contact groups of experts who reflect VMT’s target group.



WaterForum is een onafhankelijk platform voor nieuws uit het hart van de watersector. Een team van ervaren waterjournalisten volgt actuele ontwikkelingen in de sector op de voet. Voor wie op de hoogte wil blijven van het nieuws in de watersector is WaterForum een ‘must’.


Watervisie Platform

The Watervisie platform brings experts, users and suppliers together to contribute in a broad and transparent stream of information about industrial water.

The annual magazine, with a circulation of 2,000 copies, identifies and highlights the most important themes in the water industry. Thought leaders with inspiring visions are given the stage to illustrate the development and future of the Dutch water sector. A company index of the Dutch water industry is included in the magazine.



A globally circulated magazine that provides complete coverage of water resource management and maintenance. The international stage for global news, articles, analysis, and the hottest issues of the water sector. A professional, accurate and current source for Israeli companies and Israeli developments in the water technology sector. Distributed to thousands of subscribers worldwide, emphasing the advantages of quality, research, and development of Israeli brands. The most economic way to reach clients from around the world who seek knowledge and innovations of the water world.

Water Digest

Water Digest

Water Digest, what started as a vision in 2006 has today transformed into full-fledged global platform for all water related issues. We offer both, solutions and exchange of ideas that lead to better understanding of problems being faced in the water sector. Water Digest - India’s premier water magazine that brings the latest in technologies and varied opportunities to cope with escalating water troubles to the Indian market , has evolved from being just ‘a need’ to becoming a ‘crucial platform‘. The intent of Water Digest is to unite the entire water Industry. At Water Digest, we promote and build awareness on critical water issues and trigger actions to facilitate the efficient management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis. Our strong presence in India with a close working relationship with number of Indian industries, municipal corporations, civic bodies, regulatory agencies, financial institutions and NGO’s is a key to the success in the Indian market.



Com-Media publishes the yearbook AcquAgenda and www.watergas.it dedicated to 100.000 operators and buyers of the water markets. Other services: data banks of water distribution, sewerage, waste water treatment; yearbook GasAgenda; communication and marketing services for water and gas suppliers. AcquAgenda yearbook is dedicated to operators and buyers of water sector, contractors and technical suppliers. AcquAgenda offers a complete view on water companies, 250 products & services, 180 technical suppliers; 2000 addresses.



AcquAgenda, Watergas.it by Agenda Srl Agenda Srl publishes the yearbook AcquAgenda, the website www.watergas.it/en, the database of water distribution, sewerage, waste water treatment. An integrated media system dedicated to 60.000 operators, buyers, contractors and technical suppliers of the water market. AcquAgenda and Watergas.it are a directory of products & services for pipelines and plants of water distribution, sewerage, waste water treatment. AcquAgenda and Watergas.it offer a complete view about:

  • Italian water companies
  • water pipelines and plants in Italian towns
  • 500 products/services
  • 950 technical suppliers
  • 2.000 addresses

AcquAgenda and the database are available on www.watergas.it/en


Water. desalination + reuse

Water. desalination + reuse, published with the cooperation of The International Desalination Association has been serving the world's growing need for water since 1991. Fast emerging technologies are now making desalination a viable proposition not only for the arid areas of the world but for places not usually associated with water shortages. Water. desalination + reuse covers the engineering aspects of desalination and water reuse from municipal water supplies through to industrial needs. It delivers practical information and news on projects, materials and equipment and research with sections devoted to the International Desalination Association and IDA affiliates, worldwide. Water. desalination + reuse also publishes an annual Desalination Sources Directory which lists, comprehensively, details of suppliers of equipment, products and services for the desalination industry.

Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine (WC&P) has been the voice of professional excellence in POU/POE water treatment for one half a century. Celebrating our 50th ‘golden’ anniversary in 2009, we have been the premier source for news, technical articles and water science features since 1959, presented in a lively format along with features on how to run a successful business, covering everything from marketing to insurance to fleet management. A family-owned and operated company, we are committed to the water treatment industry. Our pro bono participation includes event and activity sponsorship, committee members, task force chairs and association leadership. We are proud to be the voice of the POU/POE community, both across the country and around the globe.


Water Solutions

Water Solutions is the leading technical and scientific journal for water management and wastewater technologies, hydrogeology, water reuse and rainwater harvesting, storage and distribution of water, treatment of wastewater.
Water Solutions reports on the process engineering for water treatment, wastewater purification and sludge treatment, on developments in analysis, metrology and control technology, on hygiene and microbiology and operational experiences, common concerens of water protection from the perspective of water use and wastewater disposal as well as on judical subjects and economic concerns.
Main part with refered scientific articles.
Practice part containing news about global markets, news from industry and practice, news about rules and standards as well as research and development.

World Pumps

World Pumps

World Pumps is the world's leading pump magazine, keeping the pump industry and its customers informed about all the technical and commercial developments in their industry. With in-depth coverage and incisive editorial on all areas of the pump market, our mission is to inform our audience about the global pumps industry and assist you with decision making.



Water & Wastewater International

Water & Wastewater International - WWi provides practical knowledge and insight that saves time and money for professionals in the global water and wastewater industry. (WWi focuses its editorial content outside of North America.) Addressing the ever-changing demands of the water/wastewater industry requires up-to-date information on market trends, major projects, and problem-solving technology. Bi-Monthly editorial topics include: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, desalination, filtration, disinfection, membrane systems, biosolids and sludge treatment, water reuse, pipe maintenance and repairs, trenchless technology, meter reading, valves, pumps, stormwater management, odor control, computers and automation technology, corrosion control, and a lot more!

Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT) is the UK’s only print magazine and website addressing the operational issues in the water industry. For the engineers in water companies and intensive water-using manufacturing, WWT provides the information they need to make water work.


Water Quality Products Magazine

WQP is the preeminent source of information for water treatment professionals. Our purpose is to provide editorial content and information to help these professionals do their jobs more effectively while educating them on the latest technology. WQP provides editorial content in a variety of informative ways, both in print and electronic formats. WQP’s editorial content ensures its position at the forefront of the water treatment market by meeting subscribers’ requests for the latest industry news, innovative products and technologies, as well as helpful business, marketing and sales information each month.

Water & Wastes Digest Magazine

Water & Wastes Digest provides unique, comprehensive content that covers timely news, water and wastewater industry trends, technical solutions and best practices. The editorial staff strives to provide a trusted business platform that effectively connects industry decision-makers and solution providers.