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Be a part of Aquatech Mexico and connect with over 6,460 water technology professionals. The event, staged in Mexico, provides a prominent platform for professionals to exchange knowhow, create high-quality leads and build long-lasting relations in the region. It provides you with a global presence from which you can benefit all year round.

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4 reasons why Mexico is one of the most exciting water markets

Aquatech Mexico strengthens the competitiveness and sustainability of water service providers in Mexico, promoting the development of their capabilities benefiting both businesses and end users.

Demand for Water

By 2030 the demand for water will increase to over 91 billion cubic meters while supply will only reach 68 billion cubic meters.

Supported by the largest water associations

Aquatech Mexico works closely together with and is supported by water industry associations Conagua, Conieco & Aneas.

Municipal water and sanitation

Mexico’s municipal water and sanitation indicators remain stubbornly static at 75% potable water supply network coverage in rural areas, 40% national average leakage rates, and 57% treatment of wastewater.

Co-located with Green Expo

Aquatech Mexico is Co-located with The Green Expo; Mexico’s largest and leading trade show on environmental, renewable energy, water and green housing

Join forces, join a pavilion

The Aquatech Mexico show floor consists of various special segments and pavilions. Join one of these unique platforms that help create a surplus value for you through joint efforts, exeptional concepts, look, programme and connected events. Maximize your experience as part of a pavilion by enhancing brand credibility, connecting with investors and industry influencers and by making strategic partnerships that will accelerate your route to the Latin America market.

SWAN Pavilion

Smart Water Networks are the future of the utilities industry. Driven by the prospect that smart solutions will save utilities water and money, the Mexican market is eager to find SMART-solutions for their water challenges. The Pavilion is a joint effort with SWAN Forum, the worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data-driven technologies in the water industry.

Holland Pavilion

The Holland Pavilion is a very efficient way for companies to join Aquatech Mexico, at minimal costs and with maximum output of your effort. Benefit from opportunities to find local partners and generate alliances, monitor market demands in one of the most impressive markets in the world and enhance your corporate reputation and brand in Mexico.

USA Pavilion

When exhibiting at Aquatech Mexico, we're happy to offer you an opportunity to join forces with your fellow countrymen. Join forces with other US companies and promote your companies and country as one. For more information on the USA pavilion, please contact our sales colleague Margit Fortré.

WQA Pavilion

Do you offer a product or solution in water quality? Join forces with other exhibitors at the special WQA Pavilion, organised by Water Quality Association. For more information on the WQA pavilion, please contact our sales colleague Margit Fortré, or book your stand online.

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WEF Pavilion

The WEF Pavilion makes it easier for companies to exhibit at major water/wastewater shows around the world. Under the program, WEF purchases exhibit space with the major international water quality shows and constructs a pavilion with booth space set below the minimum required by most international shows.

Desalination Pavilion

Desalination is a growing market for both governments and the private sector, as water scarcity and water re-use become ever more pressing issues in many regions of the world. The pavilion offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to promote your desalination products and solutions to buyers and specifiers.

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Your objectives

A successful participation starts with defining your objectives. What do you hope to achieve and when will you consider your participation as successful? Our experts could help you reach your company’s objectives, both online and offline. Whether it is boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, building networks or generating leads; we are happy to help you devise a plan to make this happen.


Quality of attendees is excellent. I attend several events each year and Aquatech Mexico has been constantly more productive than any other event.

Mike Figoff | President - United Filters International

Aquatech Mexico is the best for quality leads and opportunities of any show we do all year.

Greg Colman | Business Development - Federal Screen

Aquatech Mexico opened doors to new clients, providing information that was not possible before this show existed.

Seth Rockmacher | International Sales Manager - Resintech Inc.

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Aquatech Mexico brings water technology professionals together from all corners of the world.