Aquatech México
3 - 4 - 5 September 2024

Holland Pavilion

Benefit from opportunities & investments in the Mexican & LATAM water markets

Join the Holland Pavilion at Aquatech Mexico

The Holland Pavilion is a very efficient way for you to join Aquatech Mexico, at minimal costs and with maximum output of your effort. Benefit from opportunities to find local partners and generate alliances, monitor market demands in one of the most impressive markets in the world and enhance your corporate reputation and brand in Mexico.

Holland Pavilion | Aquatech Mexico

Why join?

  • Low-cost, high-impact: value for money
  • Use your Speaker Time slot at the Aquastage to stimulate traffic to your booth space
  • Be part of a special promotion campaign before – during – and after the show
  • Free up your time: all arrangements are made for you
  • Be part of the orange Holland Branding
  • Support of supporting partners makes the pavilion all the more powerful

You also benefit from

  • A 9m2 stand with furniture (optional is larger stands up to 12m2)
  • An excellent location on the exhibition floor with an eye-catching pavilion
  • Participation in matchmaking and networking activities at the pavilion
  • Support of dutch embassy in seminar program
  • Support of Holland House in networking
  • Participation in the Aquatech program sessions (optional)
  • A competitive price

Do you have a question?

Please contact us, we're happy to help you!
Jurriaan Bakker
Sales Consultant
Walter van der Schoot
Walter van der Schoot
Senior Sales Consultant