3 - 4 - 5 SEP 2024

Aquatech Mexico Innovation Awards

8th Edition

The Water Sector is going through very important changes and a new mindset is needed to help face the challenges of the industry. Research and development in the Water Sector are vital to the sustainable future of our world. The Aquatech Mexico Innovation Award recognizes water technology organizations / institutions / researchers that are innovative and take the future into account when manufacturing their products. The Award also offers them a worldwide commercial impact.

Join in and be part of the change!

Open call from: May 15th to August 2nd, 2024.



Latam Awards | Aquatech Mexico

The winner of the Aquatech Mexico Innovation Awards 2023 is:

OneWater with the solution Algaewheel


Who can participate?

Aquatech LATAM Award highlights thinkers and creators breaking new ground in the water industry and strongly advocates companies that are committed to innovate in the water industry forward.

All persons / professionals who belong to and / or are involved in the water industry are welcomed to participate.

Benefits of participating

Final proposals for the Aquatech LATAM Award will be released on the official website of Aquatech Mexico
In August, a press release will be published announcing the nominees
The winners and the nominees will be honored with a special recognition in the Aquatech Mexico Exhibitor Directory
A special space to display posters with information received from the nominated participants will be available in the Aquatech Mexico exhibition floor
The winners will be able to present their proposal during a 20-minute presentation (courtesy of the event organizers) at the AquaStage

Awarded prices

Winner of the Projects category
Winner of the Innovation in Services, Solutions and/ or Products category
Special recognition to a Startup / Independent researchers in the Projects category
Special recognition to a Startup / Independent researchers in the Services, Solutions and/ or Products category

Criteria for registration

Registration instructions

To be evaluated as a valid nominee, all applicants must meet the criteria and be related to at least one of the Aquatech segments.

Evaluation criteria

Innovative nature. - New or improved service, solution and/or product associated with the water industry. The following criteria must be met:

a) Originality
b) Practicality (technical, economic, feasible)
c) Sustainability (environment, safety, energy and efficiency)

  • Projects that have in place for no more than one year
  • Proven Services, Solutions and/or Products that have been in place for no more than one year

The Jury Panel

The qualifying Jury is made up of prominent professionals and experts in the Water Sector. It is a plural Jury with representatives of public and private institutions, who will determine the selection of the nominees for the Aquatech Mexico Innovation Award.

Aquatech LATAM Award

  • The Jury will meet in August to make the final evaluation and the selection of the nominees.
  • The Jury may reassign a proposal to a different category if it has been inappropriately categorized
  • If the panel of Jury members consider that none of the participating proposals is of sufficient quality, no Prizes will be awarded. The Jury's decision is final. There will be no possibility to question the panel's decision and no further communication may be established.

Award Ceremony

The Aquatech Mexico Innovation Award ceremony will take place during the Inaugural Ceremony at Centro Citibanamex | Hall D, on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2024.

Aquatech Awards Segments

The Aquatech LATAM Award are divided into two categories:

1. Projects

a) Please explain how many people are or will be benefited by the project;
b) Please mention the place where the project is developed;
c) Please mention if the project is supported by any private company, institution, organization or government.
Social Projects

2. Innovation in services, solutions and/ or products

Transportation & Storage
Pumps, pipes, valves, distribution and sewage services, tanks and silos
Process control technology & process automation
Automation, digitization, process control equipment, dosing equipment, data logging (big data), detectors, management / control models, computer simulations, asset management, and smart metering
Waste / Water Treatment
UV light treatment, reverse osmosis separators, activated carbon, new generation membrane filtration, filters, chemical water treatment, biological water treatment, drainage equipment, desalination equipment, mud separation and presses / centrifuges
Flood and leak control
Separation of mud, drainage equipment, flood management, storm water, coastal protection and control of bodies of water and floods