SHANGHAI | 11-12-13 DEC 2024

Benefit from opportunities & investments in the Chinese & South East Asian water markets.

Programme of Aquatech China

Conference, AquaStages and Country Pavilions

Aquatech is celebrated for its vibrant activities and knowledge sessions around the world. In 55 years, Aquatech is well connected.

Country Pavilions

Country pavilions play a pivotal role, representing nations at the forefront of water management. These pavilions offer a unique opportunity for countries to showcase their expertise, share success stories, and highlight the latest advancements in water-related technologies and solutions. Visitors can explore a diverse range of exhibits, gaining insights into regional practices and understanding the global water landscape.


One of the highlights of Aquatech's exhibitions is the AquaStage, a dynamic arena where experts, industry leaders, and thought leaders gather to deliver engaging presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. The AquaStage serves as a platform to discuss pressing water-related issues, explore emerging trends, and brainstorm innovative solutions. It encourages knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices among stakeholders, propelling the water industry forward.

InnovationLAB & Award

The InnovationLAB showcases groundbreaking technologies and initiatives that revolutionize water technology. Start-ups, research institutions, and established companies present their pioneering solutions, ranging from smart water monitoring systems and efficient irrigation techniques to wastewater treatment innovations and desalination technologies. The InnovationLAB fosters creativity, encourages investment, and stimulates partnerships to drive sustainable and efficient water practices globally.