SHANGHAI | 11-12-13 DEC 2024

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Major challenges ahead for China's water industry

China is a nation that is prone to water shortages and in it has experienced particularly drought stricken years. The rapidly developing Chinese economy, steadily increasing rate of migration to cities and rising hygiene and health concerns amongst China's rising middle class are stoking demand even further. At the same time, industry and agriculture need a steady supply of water to fulfil the growing demands of the population. In a country where the growing demand for water exceeds the supply, the Chinese water sector is facing great challenges.


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Standards for drinking water have been raised to an international level, requiring local governments to upgrade their water purification facilities. Standards for wastewater emissions are more and more severely implemented. The Chinese government realizes that to meet the increasing demand, liberalization of the water sector is needed, as well as the adaption of foreign technology and expertise.

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AQC 2021

Opportunities in the Chinese water market continue to grow

Industrial water treatment and digitalisation were key themes at this year’s Aquatech China in Shanghai...

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Bruno Lhopiteau: provides advice on working with Chinese companies

Chinese builders have come to dominate the market along the “Belt and Road”, the loosely defined “New Silk Road” of infrastructure-driven development across countries.

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Digging towards a better future: China and US embark on tunnel projects
China, as part of its South-to-North Water Diversion Project, has initiated building an 870-mile-long open canal to pump surplus water from the south to the dry north.

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Singapore - China partnership brings predictive modelling to Yangtze river basin

ZWEEC Analytics and the Yangtze River Authority have signed an MoU to develop a new water ecological environmental monitoring platform in China, for the Yangtze River Basin.

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Bruno Lhopiteau: water's perfect cybersecurity storm

The current geopolitical tectonic shift and ubiquitous digital innovations make for a perfect storm of cybersecurity concerns within water companies, writes Bruno Lhopiteau. Cyberthreats have reached a new high point.

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Several factors have brought enormous challenges to Chinese water industry

Some alarming facts:

  • Per capita water volume in China is ¼ of the world average. Total used water volume is 604 billion cubic meters, with agriculture and industrial as the top two sectors for water consumption.
  • 400 out of 600 cities in China are facing water shortages to varying degrees, including 30 out of 32 largest cities.
  • Groundwater tables are depleting rapidly at a speed of about 1 meter per year due to over-exploitation.
  • A lack of municipal wastewater treatment is a big driver of water pollution.
  • Chinese water prices do not reflect its scarcity and are significantly below prices in countries with adequate water supply per capital.