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Samsung’s connected tap + 3 “smart water home” CES innovations

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Samsung took the headlines at CES 2021 but why has the company entered the smart water home market? We look into the development and other water tech launches from CES 2021.

Connected smart tap

Honey, Samsung shrunk the water purifier.

We live in a world where everything we interact with daily is becoming 'smart'. Smartphones, TVs, heating systems to even our smart doorbells. It is perhaps, then, an inevitability that the “smart water home” joins the list.

Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, South Korean technology giant Samsung revealed its new 'smart tap/faucet'.

Samsung enters smart water home market

The Wi-Fi and voice-enabled smart tap collects data on water usage and has the ability to “self-sanitize” its pipes every three days, according to Samsung Water Purification.

Furthermore, it can automatically run if the tap has been dormant for four hours. A four-level filter system can purify 2,500 litres of water – enough for a family of four for a whole year, Samsung said.

A new wave of water products

It is clear that the 'big' companies are now seeing a market for smart water products that they can add to their existing eco-system of smart technologies.

"Locks, lights, and thermostats - traditional smart home offerings have matured to the point of being highly competitive,” said John Robinson, partner at Mazarine Ventures.

He told Aquatech Online: “Industry leaders are looking for new offerings to integrate, and water-related offerings could give them an advantage.” 

CES 2020 was the first edition in its 50+ year history where sustainability products, including water, were included in the major event awards.

Robinson believes the smart water home innovations will fall into four categories:

  • Improved convenience
  • Mitigate health & asset risks
  • Enhance efficiencies & cost savings
  • Enable stewardship.

As well as Samsung, many new products were showcased at this year’s CES 2021 with the likes of Kohler, Moen and Lux Lab all revealing new smart water technology. Here are three further announcements.

“Alexa, pour me a water”

Samsung enters smart water home market

Image: Kohler

Kohler revealed its Sensate smart kitchen faucet that can also collect data on water use and also features motion controls. 

Controllable through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, the tap is able to dispense precise amounts of water when speaking aloud.

Starting at $937 (£693), the tap is able to connect to your smartphone and features similar customization options.

e-water from Toto

Samsung enters smart water home market

Image: Toto

Toto unveiled its new public and domestic toilets but the main focus of the offering was its  e-water.

Electrolyzed water that takes water coming into your home flow over an anode and cathode, Toto said this creates a mild solution of sodium hypochlorite that flows into the toilet.

Taking the water over the anode and cathode helps to make the water entering the toilet more hygienic and keep the toilet cleaner for a longer periods of time.

Advanced smart shower from Lab Lux

Samsung enters smart water home market

Image: Lab Lux

From taps to showers, Lux Lab's D102 is designed to help those with disabilities.

The focus on motion allow the temperature and water pressure to be adjusted without the need to reach up and manually twist a control.

The system is advanced enough to recognise intentional gestures meaning it will not suddenly fluctuate as your shower.

What’s next? The final frontier

Point of use and point of ethernet is playing a critical role in how the new water products are being miniaturized for our homes. With the focus on smart water integration into the home, it does raise the question of what is around the corner.

Robinson believes there is room for innovation in the point of use/entry (PoE/PoU) market.

"The final frontier of water in the smart home is PoU and PoE filtration/purification monitoring, which will let you know in real-time how much life is left in your media,” he said.

“One challenge is that smartening these devices up will begin to disrupt the ‘razor blade model’, long-enjoyed by filter and membrane companies."

Mazarine is currently actively tracking 57 companies with ambitions to improve the functionality or use of water in homes and places of work.

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