Digital solutions

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Dive into digital solutions, equipping water companies with big data, artificial intelligence & machine learning

Digital solutions, including advanced software and hardware solutions, are becoming readily available to help water companies get a clearer picture of their operations and ultimately deliver a more efficient service. Solutions including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Digital Twins and even Blockchain are being proven around the world in a variety of case studies. By using data at every opportunity, water utilities are able to improve operations at a lower cost and maximise overall benefit. It’s estimated that modern solutions can help to save 11.6 per cent of a water utility’s annual spend. To put the market size into perspective, more advanced asset management strategies are expected to help save water utilities US$41.9 billion in capital expenditure by 2027. This is in line with an expected shift towards more advanced solutions, data collection, analytics and visualisation of network conditions and operations.