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Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 energizes water sector with vibrant business

Friday, 17 November 2023

The show started with the announcement of the Aquatech Innovation Awards. Acknowledging world-class innovations and the latest technological developments, this year’s award received 92 innovative entries– the highest in history. After a detailed review by the independent jury the overall winner of the 2023 Aquatech Innovation Award was selected: EDBM ElectroMembrane Stack from REDstack BV. 


The voice of the water professional

The water professional also had a voice. They could choose their personal favourite nominee for the Aquatech Community Award online. The nominee with the most votes was Sanipure with their innovation Zero B.  They are the winner of the Aquatech Community Award 2023!

Twirling around the worlds

The new four Aquatech Worlds were well received and the attached knowledge programmes were packed. These groundbreaking focus areas embrace the current trends in the water industry, providing attendees with a comprehensive experience tailored to their specific interests and water challenges. Through its distinct realms of Clean Water World, Waste Water and Resources World, Industrial and Corporate Water World, and Digital World, Aquatech Worlds clustered content, challenges, and solutions. The removal of Pfas – the forever chemical- was the hottest topic this year.