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TRAILER LAUNCH: It’s time to embrace the Brave Blue World

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

A new industry-wide collaborative documentary is bringing together organisations from around the world to show that solutions exist today to overcome water challenges of the future.

Global industry collaborative documentary will be showcased at Aquatech Amsterdam

A documentary setting out to showcase the water industry and resource revolution like never before will be showcased later this year at Aquatech Amsterdam.

Called Brave Blue World, the documentary is on a mission to provoke a fundamental rethink, revolution and paradigm shift in how people view the treatment and delivery of water.

Topics such as water reuse, sanitation and the circular economy will all be covered in stunning 4K as the team are travelling to unearth the people and processes behind delivering this vital element.

The documentary is being produced to provide to shine a positive light on solutions that exist today to help eliminate water scarcity in the future.

From the International Space Station to developing and developed countries, Brave Blue World will take audiences on a thought-provoking ride to show how our relationship with water is being re-imagined.

With filming taking place across six continents, many of the world's water visionaries and technology thought leaders will be featured. The first global water industry documentary collaboration of this scale, supporting partners include the Water Environment Federation (WEF), DuPont Water Solutions, L’Oréal, SUEZ and Xylem.

The need for innovation in sanitation

To kickstart the documentary, & WaterEquity co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White will share visions on why innovative solutions will solve global sanitation and water challenges in our lifetimes.

In the trailer, actor and water expert in his own right, Matt Damon said: “Imagine if tomorrow we cured cancer and in 100 years there was still a million kids dying of cancer. It would be unthinkable.”

Gary White added: “The glass is half full, it’s not half empty. We have seen more than two billion people lift themselves out of extreme poverty in the last two decades, which is a huge accomplishment.”

Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research, which is leading the Brave Blue Documentary, said: "It's often an apocalyptic picture painted about the millions of people lacking access to safe sanitation and water. The situation is improving, and within our lifetimes we can cure these global problems. Brave Blue World is proud to feature a plethora of global experts to tell their stories. Collectively we can help raise awareness of these issues and help to fast-track the potential solutions."

Exploring an alternative water future

The documentary will feature innovative projects and never before seen technologies across six continents, along with many of the world’s water visionaries and technology thought leaders.

Expert contributors include Dr. Michael Flynn, Scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre; Prof Mark Von Loostrecht, winner of the Stockholm Water and Lee Kuan Yew Water Prizes; Dr David Sedlak, author of Water 4.0 and Dr Glen Daigger, former president of the International Water Association (IWA).

Leading up to the documentary release, Brave Blue World will also include an impact campaign across dedicated social media channels to encourage people to question and positively interact with their water suppliers.

A Brave Blue World podcast is also being produced, which delves into the issues being explored in the documentary. Previous podcast interviewees have included Jan-Willem Vosmeer, corporate social responsibility manager at Heineken and Mike Barry, director of sustainable business (Plan A) at Marks and Spencer.

Positive paradigm shift

“Too often the state of water is portrayed from perspectives of difficult challenges and desperate situations,” said Eileen O’Neill, Executive Director of WEF. “But we are also in the midst of an era of incredible progress with great possibilities for enhanced water security and WEF is excited that Brave Blue World will highlight this positive paradigm shift.”

Tom Kunetz, President of WEF, added: “Innovation and technology are driving exciting solutions to many of the problems facing humanity, and the water sector is no exception. Brave Blue World will showcase the promising breakthroughs taking place in water science and engineering that will contribute to a sustainable future for the planet.”

Kimberly Kupiecki, Global Leader for Sustainability, Advocacy and Communications at DuPont Water Solutions, added: “The Brave Blue World story shares an exciting message of progress. It shines a light on the real-world solutions that are solving water scarcity issues today in cities, plants and homes.

“Driven, knowledgeable people on the front lines are working to solve water challenges by applying innovative technologies and concepts. If there’s one thing we want viewers to come away with, it’s hope.”

Ralph Exton, Chief Commercial Officer, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, said: “The Brave Blue World documentary is critical to spread the message to a broader audience and show the world that, while there are challenges to overcome, there are solutions that will help us succeed in creating a secure water future.”

The North American premiere will be shown at the world water event WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago, with a subsequent European Premier at the Aquatech Amsterdam event in November 2019.

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