Commercial installation of Evocra's ozone foam fractionation process in Australia (source: Evocra)
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PFAS destruction: Ozone foam and electrochemical oxidisation

Tuesday, 25 June 2024

US-based water and wastewater treatment company, Ovivo, will isolate and destroy per-fluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) using a combination of ozone foam fractionation processes and electrochemical oxidation technology.

Agreement allows Ovivo to use foam tech as part of its solution

Ovivo acquired its electrochemical oxidation technology for onsite PFAS destruction following its acquisition of E2metrix in February 2024. The company has now signed an agreement with Australia-based Evocra that will allow it to ‘manufacture and commercialise the combined technologies on a large scale’. The deal means both processes can be combined onsite to offer PFAS isolation and destruction water and wastewater treatment plants across North America.

Katie Henderson, product group manager for Ovivo's PFAS Solutions product group, told Aquatech Online: “Adding ozone foam fractionation to Ovivo's toolbox of PFAS Solutions enables cost-effective PFAS removal and destruction for municipalities and industry as we all seek to affordable ways to comply with the new requirements imposed by regulators. The collaboration between the Evocra and Ovivo teams has been outstanding to date will allow for rapid commercialization of the technology in US and Canada.”

Another advantage of the partnership is that the onsite destruction of PFAS chemicals meets the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations that were introduced in the US in March (2024).

Tom Leland, Ovivo’s managing director of Industrial and PFAS Solutions, North America, said: “With their patented use of ozone in addition to air, Evocra’s engineers have taken the PFAS removal and concentration process to the next level over other foam fractionation processes, especially relating to the removal and concentration of the often-hidden precursors. We believe that the remedy to the PFAS crisis should be focused on easy-to-implement, on-site technologies that don’t just pass the problem along but eliminate PFAS for future generations. We’re looking forward to a long partnership between our two organizations.”

David Solomon, CEO of Evocra, and Tom Leland, managing director, Industrial and PFAS Solutions, at Ovivo, shake hands after the signing ceremony held on June 11 at AWWA's ACE in Anaheim, California (source: Ovivo)


Pilot project shows promising results

Onsite destruction solutions for PFAS contamination are more cost-effective and sustainable than removal to an offsite facility. Ovivo has been piloting an onsite combined ozone foam fractionation and electrochemical oxidation solution in Alabama, USA that meets the recent regulatory requirements while reducing PFAS waste streams.

According to the company, the integrated solution has achieved: ‘Over 90 per cent removal of all regulated PFAS compounds in the reverse osmosis concentrate and over 85 per cent reduction of total detectable PFAS through electrochemical oxidation of the foamate generated.’

Testing on multiple landfill leachates has also shown more than 99.9 per cent destruction of total detectable PFAS, by using electrochemical oxidation technology on the concentrated PFAS waste generated with Evocra’s ozone foam process. The company is continuing its pilot programme to: ‘improve removal and energy efficiencies, reducing or eliminating hazardous waste generation and allowing stakeholders to break free from these “forever chemicals”.’

David Solomon, CEO, Evocra, said: “We found the ideal partner in Ovivo, a company that shares our vision, culture, and passion for making a positive impact in the world of water restoration. Ovivo brings to the table their expertise and ability to manufacture the system at a scale that will expand the application of the technology beyond remedial clean-ups and landfill leachate treatment, allowing rapid expansion into the North American market.”