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Collaboration will destroy PFAS in challenging applications

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Electrochemical oxidation is at the heart of a collaboration that is hoping to accelerate the deployment of onsite per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)-destroying technology.

Collaboration takes solution to existing wastewater processes

Many companies are turning their sights on the challenge of PFAS destruction, especially in the light of recent regulation changes in both the USA and Europe. The collaboration will utilise Aquatech’s history of scaling end-to-end tech solutions and services, along with its process and electrochemical expertise, in more quickly deploy AECOM’s DE-DLUORO PFAS destruction technology and to position it as a go-to solution.

Frank Sweet, chief executive of AECOM’s global Environment business, said: “As AECOM continues to accelerate the development of our proprietary DE-FLUORO PFAS destruction technology, our agreement with Aquatech provides the capability to offer full-service commercialization from initial evaluation to on-site treatment programs.”

He added: “This agreement will help integrate our solutions into existing wastewater processes and strengthen our industry-leading PFAS practice to address our clients’ nuanced contamination challenges.”

Electrodes in challenging applications

DE-FLUERO uses electrochemical oxidation to non-selectively and sequentially break the carbon-fluorine bonds using a proprietary electrode in contaminated liquids.

When used with non-destructive technologies, it has the potential to deliver a ‘whole of life cycle’ solution. It can also be utilised as a stand-alone onsite destruction technology.

It has been used on waste steams in the US, Australia and in Europe in a variety of sectors. It can be used to destroy PFAS chemicals in a number of challenging applications that can include:

  • Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) clean-outs
  • PFAS-impacted rinse water
  • Ion exchange resin still bottom waste
  • Reverse osmosis brine
  • Separated and concentrated industrial and municipal waste streams
  • Landfill leachate

AECOM’s ‘Real World’ PFAS Destruction Program has evaluated concentrations of PFAS ranging from 27ppb, to in excess of 6,000,000 ppb, including in PFAS impacted surface and groundwater, and remediated wastewater. According to AECOM, DE-FLUORO is not limited by PFAS concentration, nor the presence of other contaminants (organic or inorganic) and can treat both measurable and unmeasurable PFAS compounds.


Collaboration will take tech to a wider audience

Beverley Stinson, chief executive of AECOM’s global water business, said of the collaboration: “This new agreement with Aquatech’s skilled practitioners is expected to bolster DE-FLUORO’s status as a go-to solution, giving more communities access to safe, affordable and sustainable PFAS destruction technologies.”

C Ravi, president and CTO of Aquatech, said: “Our key differentiator is our ability to understand and integrate customer needs with a complete, engineered PFAS management and destruction solution. This includes separation, concentration, and destruction, supported by necessary treatability studies, analytical support, and onsite operation and maintenance services. This agreement enables both companies to accelerate technology adoption with deployable assets.”