Going beyond water consumption data with smart water meters

The smart water meter market is forecast to reach $5.1 billion within five years, with 82.1 million units expected to be shipped by 2026. A renewed focus on the reduction of non-revenue water, leakage detection and smart billing by utilities are collectively driving the uptake in smart water meters. Furthermore, water utilities across Europe are heavily investing in the replacement of old meters with smart meters, as part of an evolution to an IoT-based infrastructure. Recently technology innovations have seen the bridging of two technologies – metering and leak detection – supplementing existing solutions, including acoustic technologies. Other developments include investment to move away from mechanical meters equipped with smart radio devices, to static ultrasonic technologies with integrated radio. It is believed that the evolution of smart meters could eventually see fewer smart devices installed across networks, as the meters can perform more functions. This topic centre brings together the latest technology innovations and projects involving smart water meters.