Much more than an exhibition

Finding new ways to share knowledge and best practices has never been more important in the world of water technology. Aquatech Mexico is more than just an exhibition. Discover the latest trends, developments and solutions to challenges in the water industry. On the exhibition floor, seminars, special pavilions and social events.

Aquatech Conference

During Aquatech Mexico 2020, attendees have the opportunity to join a congress driven by a group of experts from the Advisory Board led by Conieco. The conference provides experience, essential knowledge and first-hand information. Speakers of the 2019 edition included SACMEX, ANEAS, Unilever & Heineken. Knowledge exchange and networking are an important part of the Aquatech platform, so make sure you save enough time in your schedule! Read more about our registration fees (PDF)

Topics included:

  • Security and water governance facing the impact of climate change
  • The water and sanitation company of the 21st century
  • Water reuse in industry
  • Circular economy in the water sector
  • And much more!

Please note: the conference will be held in Spanish and any presentation in English will have simultaneous translation.

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Benefit from visiting all companies you're interested in, in one area. Several countries will join forces at Country Pavilions, so they can showcase their products and solutions, knowledge and expertise, as one.

  • Holland Pavilion (participants include Lenntech, Trelleborg, Paques, Nijhuis & LG-Sonic)
  • USA Pavilion (participants include SnowPure Water Technologies, Hippo Coatings Company, Llc (USA), Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc (USA), ResinTech, Inc (USA), Stenner Pump (USA), Alpha H2O (USA), Readlinger Primus Line (USA), Delta-Phase Electronics (USA), Fab-Seal (USA), Grupo CyC de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), Zoeller, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico), Propulsion Neumativa, S.A de C.V. (Mexico), IDEXX Laboratories, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico), Embajada de Estados Unidos en México ( Mexico)


Discover specialized industry solutions at these pavilions and find out about the latest developments and trends in your specific sector.

WEF Pavilion

The WEF Pavilion makes it easier for companies to exhibit at major water/wastewater shows around the world. Under the program, WEF purchases exhibit space with the major international water quality shows and constructs a pavilion with booth space set below the minimum required by most international shows.

WQA Pavilion

Visit the WQA Pavilion organised by the Water Quality Association to discover groundbreaking products and solutions for water quality. Our exhibitors are excited to reveal their compelling technology to you.

Discover the AquaStage!


Aquatech offers visitors and exhibitors networking opportunities and easy access to educational sessions via the AquaStage. The AquaStage, a semi-open podium on the exhibition floor, is designed to offer in-depth knowledge transfer to visitors without them having to leave the show floor. AquaStages offers visitors the opportunity to increase their know-how in an efficient manner.

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Experience the latest developments in water technology during Aquatech Mexico 2020: all nominees of innovative products, services and solutions from market leaders, experts and start-ups, under one roof. During the following edition, a special Innovation Hub will be added to the show floor.

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Co-located Events & Conference

CONIECO Conference

Association dedicated to promoting ecological culture in industrial processes.

Intersolar Mexico

Exhibition and conference for the solar industry.

The Green Expo

Exhibition to present and promote new technologies for climate change and Circular Economy.