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Revolutionising water stewardship in Dire Dawa

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

The city of Dire Dawa in Ethiopia and climate technology company Nedamco Africa have introduced a new wastewater management project to address the water challenges faced by rapidly urbanising regions. 


High rate of urban growth

The Nedamco Catchment-City-Waste Water Management (CCW) project features partners such as Microsoft, Deltares, Hulo.ai, and Isle Utilities. It incorporates digital twin technology, AI/ML, and satellite imagery, coupled with blockchain-enabled water accounting, to tackle water losses and inefficiencies in water management.

The collaboration aims to set a global benchmark for sustainable water resource stewardship amidst the challenges of climate change.

The second most populous city in Ethiopia, Dire Dawa has a high rate of urban growth. Water supply is three times less than water demand, according to a demand and supply analysis. This indicates that existing water sources are not adequate for the ciry's future expansion.

Mohammed Mussie, CEO of Dire Dawa Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, highlighted the transformative impact of this project on the city's water management. 

"Through cutting-edge technology, we're ensuring accurate, verifiable improvements in water management that will significantly enhance the quality of life for our city's residents by providing more water,” he said.

Volumetric water benefits 

A novel concept will be introduced to produce water certificates using Volumetric Water Benefits Accounting (VWBA) 2.0 methodology.

Jelmer van Veen, first secretary for water affairs at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia, praised this approach, stating: “This will accelerate private investments in the true spirit of the Water Action Agenda of UN23 to help reach SDG6 in time.”

Nedamco Africa's CEO, Michael Kogeler, emphasised the global impact of the partnership stating: “Our work in Dire Dawa is paving the path for more cities to join the battle against climate change, ensuring sustainable environments for future generations.”

In addition to addressing water challenges, the collaboration aims to build local expertise through the Nedamco Academy in Ethiopia. The academy serves as a hub for water capacity building and education, empowering professionals in Dire Dawa with knowledge and skills in technology and water management.