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VIDEO: Brabant Water’s digitalisation journey

Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Brabant Water Company in the Netherlands has shared insights into its digital journey. Speaking to Aquatech, the water utility, which serves 2.6 million inhabitants, has acknowledged the changing landscape due to digitisation and climate change.

Integrating intelligent assets 

Hanneke Van De Ven, sector director of distribution at Brabant Water told Aquatech Online that the company has introduced the ‘SOFIA’ project, an initiative focused on integrating intelligent assets like sensors and meters into the network.

Digital twins, a core component of the SOFIA project, were emphasised for their role in providing operational insights. In a view interview during Aquatech Amsterdam, Van De Ven pointed out that this technology enables utilities to respond swiftly to interruptions, enhance client satisfaction and simulate future network interventions efficiently. 


She highlighted the broader perspective of the digital journey, stressing the importance of involving people within the organisation and adapting processes for success.

“It’s important we have a better understanding of what is happening in our network,” she says. 


Transformative impact of digital technology on the water sector


In the same interview, representatives from Xylem and Idrica, working with Brabant Water on the SOFIA Project, also discussed the transformative impact of digital technologies on the water sector. The conversation delved into the challenges faced by water utilities and highlighted innovative solutions that promise to revolutionise the industry.

Xylem and Brabant Water have collaborated for over two years. Beyond providing a platform, Xylem's role involves consolidating global knowledge and experience to guide Brabant and other utilities through their digital transformation. The partnership showcased a holistic approach, involving not only the implementation of digital twins but also the strategic planning of the company's future development.


Accelerating digital transformation at utilities

Joan Carles Guardiola, client solutions architect at water cycle management company Idrica, said there are tangible benefits of implementing digital twins, not only for operational efficiency but also for client satisfaction and future planning. 

Meanwhile, Joost Aloserij, director of business development central and north EU at Xylem Vue, added: “We want to look into how we can accelerate the transformation at utilities. I think there is big momentum to step into that direction and really accelerate our resilience.”