Utilizero - Revolutionising Wastewater Management for a Greener Future
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Utilizero: Revolutionising wastewater management for a greener future

Tuesday, 9 May 2023

New Danish water company, Utilizero, is aiming to make the global wastewater sector climate neutral by supporting wastewater utilities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

The need for climate-neutral wastewater management

A new Danish partnership established by DHI and utility Aarhus Vand believes a combination of digital process control and operational optimisation can eventually make wastewater treatment climate neutral.

Called Utilizero, the organisations believe these processes can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 per cent and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals. 

Wastewater treatment and the management of wastewater consumes a significant amount of energy, contributing to greenhouse gases and harmful chemical emissions. 

The approach includes the introduction of digital process control, which involves the use of smart sensors and analytics. These sensors can detect and monitor wastewater quality and usage, allowing for the optimisation of cleansing processes. This technology is also effective in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as data-driven decisions are made to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Utilizero's approach also involves operational optimisation. This involves identifying operational inefficiencies and implementing changes to streamline processes. By reducing energy consumption and optimising processes, wastewater utilities can significantly reduce their carbon emissions. This not only benefits the environment, but also improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lars Schrøder, CEO of Aarhus Vand, said: “It is our vision to collaborate across the entire industry so that we are able to leverage our individual strengths with respect to green, digital development and Utilizero is a perfect example of how this can be done.”

Utilizero's Vision for a Greener Future

Utilizero strives to be at the forefront of climate-neutral wastewater management worldwide and says it is dedicated to revolutionizing the wastewater industry to benefit future generations.

“We know that increased automation and digitalisation make a critical difference to the collective climate footprint of the wastewater industry, and we have an important job in accelerating the digital development outside of Danish borders,” said Mette Vestergaard, CEO of DHI.

“DHI works intensively on developing innovative solutions, and Aarhus Vand is an excellent example of how a progressive and digital approach to operations can lessen the climate footprint of the utility.”

The company’s efforts will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the environment. Feedback from across the industry has been incredibly positive and Utilizero is certainly a company to watch in 2023 and beyond to make a difference in the global fight against climate change.