Water on Twitter: 12 tweeters to follow
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Water on Twitter: 12 tweeters to follow

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become a valuable tool in the communication toolbox for many organisations, including in the water industry.

From water utilities increasing the social acceptance of water reuse, to academics sharing thoughts on latest research, the social media platform has become a bridge between the business-led discussions and on LinkedIn and informal posts on Facebook.

With over 320 million active monthly users, it raises the question of who is worth following on Twitter? In no order of popularity, follower number or tweet frequency, we have chosen a heady mix of individuals and organisations for their entertaining, informative and even provocative tweets on water.

From global researchers and academics, right through to NYSE-listed company CEOs and a trash swallowing water wheel, here’s 12 Twitter accounts we think you should check out.

Who else would you add to the list?

Peter Gleick

Handle: @PeterGleick

Followers: 58K

Who is it: Founder of the Pacific Institute, Dr Gleick is a world-renowned expert, innovator and communicator on water and climate change issues.

Why follow: An interesting balance of entertaining anti-Trump rhetoric blended with hard-hitting global climate change and water research, broken down easily for a wider audience.

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Handle: @neorsd


Who is it: The customer service team for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Customer Service team in the US.

Why follow: An entertaining ode to the industry unsung heroes - sewer service crews - and their maintenance work, including videos from their night crews and hashtag #LetsAskDan. An interesting ‘behind the scenes’ of wastewater treatment.

World Bank

Handle: @WorldBankWater

Followers: 71.4K

Who is it: Twitter feed of the World Bank’s Water team, working with partners toward “A Water-Secure World for All”

Why follow: Using engaging imagery and tweets, the World Bank Water team help bring attention to the wider Sustainable Development Goals and sanitation crisis facing over 2.5 billion people.

Mr Trash Wheel

Handle: @MrTrashWheel

Followers: 18.2k

Who is it: The official voice of the Water Wheel cleaning Baltimore’s Inner Harbor who claims to like tires but not broccoli. Part of the Healthy Harbor Initiative.

Why follow: Engaging tweets personifying a trash hungry technology setting out to improve the environment and raise issues to the wider public. Mr Trash Wheel even receives fan art and people even dress up as him. Bravo.

Anglian Water

Handle: @anglianwater

Followers: 26.6K

Who is it: Water utility supplying over four million customers with drinking water and collecting wastewater from six million across the East of England.

Why follow: Anglian proves that utilities can and should be using social media for more than just updates on maintenance activities or as a platform for customers to complain. Mixing fatberg facts with comedy and personal stories, the account deserves its growing international following.

Brett Walton

Handle: @waltonwater

Followers: 3190

Who is it: A reporter for Circle of blue reporting on freshwater and all its connections. In Brett’s words: six parts liquid, four parts steel, and a dash of bitters.

Why follow: The credible and widely cited investigative reporter asks the questions most don’t and often delves into issues many US water utilities try to keep behind closed doors.

Mina Guli

Handle: @minaguli

Followers: 38.4K

Who is it: Former climate-friendly investment company founder turned running extraordinaire.

Why follow: In an inspirational tale, Mina Guli was told by doctors she wouldn’t be able to run again. Proving them wrong, the water advocate set out to run 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness and money for water using the hashtag #runningdry.

Dragan Savic

Handle: @H20DraganSavic

Followers: 2502

Who is it: Currently the CEO of @KWR_Water in the Netherlands and on the content board for Aquatech Innovation Forum.

Why follow: The hydroinformatics expert is an authority on water digitalisation and helps to bridge the communication chasm between the business and science communities.

Water Corporation

Handle: @watercorpwa

Followers: 9454

Who is it: Twitter account for Australian water utility Water Corporation providing water and wastewater services for the whole of Western Australia.

Why follow: As well as using the platform to progress social acceptance of water reuse (see tweet below), the utility effectively uses #OurWater to post consumers’ stunning images of Western Australia.

Travis Loop

Handle: @travisloop

Followers: 1212

Who is it: Communications director for the Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Why follow: The brains behind the increasingly popular ‘Words on Water’ podcast series, Travis manages to strike the rare balance between personal and professional tweets on water, without coming across too light-hearted for the former or stuffy in the latter.

Patrick Decker

Handle: @PatrickKDecker

Followers: 1790

Who is it: Chief executive officer (CEO) of water treatment company, Xylem 

Why follow: Despite running a global company, in-between board meetings Patrick finds the time to tweet on his music tastes, political views and humanitarian trips.

Natasha Wiseman

Handle: @wiseonwater

Followers: 3795

Who is it: PR and media consultant specialising in water and wastewater – tweeting on all things wet – and in times of drought – dry.

Why follow: A former B2B editor specialising in water, Natasha has the ability to select, tweet and retweet the relevant water news on Twitter so you can find it one place.

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