Aquatech Mexico 3 - 5 September 2019

aquatech Awards for Latin- America

The Aquatech Mexico Award provides recognition to innovative organisations in the water technology industry. Winners and nominees alike are seen as trendsetters for the next generation of product developments. An overview of all new products and services will be on display at Aquatech Mexico and will be made available on our website and in the Press Office at the show.



Who can participate?

The Aquatech Mexico Awards acknowledge innovators and creators who are breaking new ground in the water industry. Participation is open to companies and organisations who are active in one of the following fields:

  • Government
  • Concessionaires
  • Academies
  • Aquatech Exhibitors


    The benefits of participating

  • Receive recognition in our industry
  • Stand out of the crowd
  • Upgrade your company profile
  • Associate your company with Aquatech
  • Be part of an extensive social media campaign dedicated to the Aquatech Mexico Awards


    Maximum exposure

    Aquatech Mexico is the ideal place to introduce your latest project, solution or product. We are committed to publicizing your award entry in various ways:

  • At the Aquatech Mexico website
  • All nominees will be exhibited at the special ‘Aquatech Awards Mexico/Latin America’- area
  • All nominees and winners will receive promotional material (logos) for publicity purposes
  • The overall winner gets free publicity in the Aquatech Mexico media and via a press announcement sent by the Aquatech Communication department

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    Criteria for registration

    The following criteria will be reviewed when selecting your entry:

  • Sustainability
  • Projects not older than 2 years
  • Proven real project, solutions or product
  • Innovative character

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    The Jury Panel

    Professionals from leading companies, associations and governments will make a selection of the top 3 nominees per segment for the Aquatech Mexico Award. This selection will take place 45 days before the show date and will not be discussed outside the Panel. The Jury will meet after 30 July, for final evaluation and select the three nominees.

    • National Association of Water and Sanitation Companies of Mexico - ANEAS
    • National Chamber of the Industry of Oils, Fats, Soaps and Detergents - CANAJAD
    • Commission for Environmental Cooperation
    • National Water Comission - CONAGUA
    • National Council of Environmentalists - CONIECO
    • Water Advisory Council
    • Climate Change Council
    • Mexican Institute of Water Technology - IMTA
    • National Polytechnic Institute - IPN


    Transport & Storage

    Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Distribution, Sewerage and Tanks & Silos.

    Process control technology & process automation

    Automation, Process control equipment, Dosing equipment, Data logging, Detectors, Management/control models, Computer simulations, asset management and smart metering.

    Water & Water Waste Treatment

    UV treatment, Separators Reverse osmosis, Activated carbon, Membrane filtration, Filters, Chemical water treatment, Biological water treatment, Drainage equipment, Desalination equipment, Sludge separation and Presses/centrifuges.

    Point of Use

    Water coolers and dispensers, POU filters and Bottled water.