Daan Burghouts newly appointed Director Aquatech Global

Tuesday, 27 February 2024

RAI Amsterdam is thrilled to announce the appointment of Daan Burghouts as the new Director Aquatech Global. Returning to the organisation after a 5-year strategic tenure at Schiphol, where Burghouts led commercial terms and strategic direction for all mobility parties on the landside, including contracts with mobility services and long-term sustainability frameworks, Burghouts brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success.


A familiar face in the water industry


Speaking about the move, Burghouts said, “My journey at Schiphol was incredibly rewarding, yet I found myself missing the external and international scope of my work at Aquatech. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones within the water sector. I am eager to leverage my experiences in stakeholder management and strategic development to further strengthen Aquatech's position as a leading platform in the water sector.”

Burghouts’ return to Aquatech as Director is fuelled by a passion for the event industry and further develop a global platform that addresses the urgent water issues today. From ensuring access to clean drinking water for all to tackling the water-related consequences of climate change, Burghouts sees Aquatech as a pivotal connector in the global dialogue on water sustainability.


Focus on collaboration and innovation

Drawing on high-level stakeholder management skills sharpened at Schiphol, Burghouts aims to foster collaboration and innovation within Aquatech and across the broader water sector. “Clean, accessible water is crucial for human survival,” Burghouts notes, “The water sector needs to unite in addressing these challenges. Aquatechs platform offers a unique opportunity to connect institutions, governments, science, and businesses to address water issues collectively.”

Burghouts follows in the footsteps of Annette Bos, who was promoted to the management team of RAI Amsterdam as Director Markets end of last year. Bos is confident that Burghouts’ leadership will usher in a new era of growth and innovation for Aquatech. “I am delighted to welcome Daan back to Aquatech. His network and experience in the water sector, combined with his management skills, make him the dream candidate for the job, and I am happy I have a chance to see where he takes Aquatech next, from the sidelines.”



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