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Aquatech China moves to December 2024

Friday, 28 July 2023

Aquatech China Relocates to Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Announces Date Change to 11-12-13 December 2024

Aquatech China, the leading trade show for the water technology sector in China, is pleased to announce its upcoming relocation to Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai on 11-12-13 December 2024. The decision to move reflects Aquatech China's commitment to enhancing its attendees' experience and delivering world-class events adhering to international standards, ensuring exceptional quality for both exhibitors and visitors.

Save the date 11-12-13 December 2024

Te strategic decision to relocate and change the date of Aquatech China is part of RAI Amsterdam's ongoing commitment to delivering world-class events that drive industry progress and foster meaningful connections.

In addition to the relocation to SNIEC, Aquatech China is also announcing a date change for the upcoming edition. The show will now take place 11-12-13 December 2024. 

Organied by RAI Amsterdam and its subsidiary RAI China, Aquatech China is a leading platform for showcasing innovative solutions, trends, and technologies in the water sector. The expertise of RAI China combined with that of RAI Amsterdam fully aligns Aquatech China with the flagship show Aquatech Amsterdam, focusing on high-quality, innovative water technology and solutions, including an international knowledge programme, meeting the needs of the Chinese market and creating fruitful international business opportunities. 

Aquatech is all about water and solely about water: it is Aquatech’s firm believe that the complexity of the challenges surrounding water and the environmental impact require full focus worldwide. 

"We are excited to announce the relocation of Aquatech China to the prestigious SNIEC. This move, combined with the date change to December, reflects our dedication to delivering a premier event experience for the water technology industry," said René Bos, Exhibition Director RAI China at RAI Amsterdam. "We believe that this new venue, along with the experience and expertise of our colleagues at RAI China, will strengthen Aquatech China's position as the leading platform for water professionals in China and South East Asia."

About Aquatech China

Aquatech China is the leading international trade exhibition for the water technology industry in China. Organized by RAI Amsterdam and its subsidiary RAI China, the event provides a platform for professionals from across the globe to showcase their innovative solutions, products, and technologies. Aquatech China aims to address the challenges facing the water industry and foster collaboration among industry stakeholders.

Aquatech Global Events

Established in 1968, Aquatech Global Events organises the world’s leading trade events for a sustainable water future in Europe, China and Mexico as well as the biggest online watertech community. The well-established format covers ALL water-related topics and ONLY water-related topics, from wastewater, clean water, resource & bioeconomy, industrial & corporate water to smart water and water scarcity.
Aquatech Global Events are visited by professionals from all parts of the water industry and attract policy-makers, top-level businesses, specialists, and those who apply the technology in practice.

Upcoming events

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  • Aquatech Innovation Forum 2023 | 6  November 2023
  • Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 | 6-7-8-9 November 2023
  • Aquatech China 2024 | 11-12-13 December 2024

About RAI China

Since 2014, RAI Amsterdam has its own office in Shanghai, China. This office has expanded rapidly, organising the RAI shows in China. And now, with a full-grown office in Shanghai, housing a team of 45+ knowledgeable employees possessing an extensive network in the water industry in China. Aquatech China is another sparkling gem in the portfolio of A-brand tradeshows of RAI China. RAI China is dedicated to delivering top-notch events adhering to international standards, ensuring exceptional quality for both exhibitors and visitors.

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