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Aquatech Innovation Award 2023: Shortlisted companies announced

Thursday, 28 September 2023

The Aquatech Innovation Award sets out to answer who is the best of the best when it comes to new innovative water technology. Find out which companies made the shortlist.

14 innovative technologies nominated by expert jury

Who is the best of the best when it comes to new, innovative water tech?

The Aquatech Innovation Award once again sets out to answer this question and recognize world-class innovation and technologies that have the potential to disrupt the global water market.

This year a total of 14 innovative technologies have been selected by an expert jury in the lead up to the flagship Aquatech Amsterdam event. Award entries were submitted across five categories, with the jury identifying nominees from each category to be considered as candidates for the overall prize.

“To our pleasant surprise, we received the highest number of entries for the Innovation Awards in its history. 92 innovations were submitted, an all time high,” said jury chairman, Professor Cees Buisman, Scientific Director of Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.” 

“We look at originality, market potential and sustainability when we select the nominees and it was not an easy task.”

And the nominees are:

Category: Wastewater Treatment

  • EDBM Electro Membrane Stack - REDstack BV
  • Oxyle Catalyst - Oxyle AG
  • RPF EFC Technology - Cool separations

Category: Water Supply (drinking water, clean water, including point of use/entry)

  • ClipR - Factorylab b.v.
  • Flowmasters MK2 PFT & Aquavault - TSI Flowmeters Ltd
  • LG Sonic Phosphate Sensor - LG Sonic

Category: Transport and Process & Control

  • Inline Pipeline Inspection Dashboard - Acquaint
  • IDEXX Tecta - IDEXX
  • Orb's Ecosystem - Orb Monitor Ltd

Category: Green Chemicals for Water

  • GOgen - HPNow
  • NEAT - Sudoc LCC
  • Zero.B - Sanipur S.p.A.

Category: Innovation - not yet to market

  • Blue Energy - REDstack BV
  • Aclarity Octa - Aclarity Inc.


Winners to be announced

Category winners as well as the Overall Winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2023 will be revealed at the opening ceremony of Aquatech Amsterdam, taking place on Monday November 6 just before the doors open.

The Aquatech Innovation Award has five categories: Innovation – Not yet to market; Transport and Process & Control; Wastewater treatment; Water Supply (drinking water, clean water, including point of use/entry); and new this year, Green chemicals for water technology.

Launching the Aquatech Community Award

Next to the official Jury, water technology professionals can also vote for their own favourite innovation – the popular vote. The entry with the highest number of votes receives the Aquatech Innovation – Community Award. The nominees pitch their innovations via Social Media, followed by voting on the website.

The Aquatech Innovation Award jury

Prof. Dr. Ir. C.J.N. Buisman (Wetsus – Chairman of the Jury)
Prof. Dr. Ir. W.M. de Vos (TU Twente)
Ir. P. Kamp (PUM Netherlands Senior Experts)
Dr. Ir. Wilbert van de Ven EMBA (Grundfos Holding A/S)
Prof. Dr. Ir. A.J.H. Janssen (Shell Global Solutions)
Ir. C.A. Uijterlinde (STOWA)
Prof. M. Kennedy, PhD (IHE Delft, Institute for Water Education)
Prof. Drs. J.S. Vrouwenvelder, PhD (KAUST King Abdullah University of Science and Technology).

- Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 takes place from Monday November 6th until Thursday November 9th.        Entrance is free after online registration: 
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