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Dutch pairing goes mobile with modular nanofiltration unit

Thursday, 30 November 2023

Dutch companies Nijhuis Saur Industries and NX Filtration have launched an advanced mobile, hollow fibre, nanofiltration unit named MONF.



Dutch water solution providers Nijhuis Saur Industries and NX Filtration have teamed up to launch an advanced mobile, hollow fibre, nanofiltration unit named MONF. 

The modular and plug-and-play system has the capacity to treat waters up to 100 m3/hour and is designed for easy transport, offering adaptability across various sectors.

The MONF unit leverages NX Filtration's nanofiltration technology, which it claims is effective in removing a diverse range of contaminants from water while significantly reducing energy and chemical usage.


A significant partnership

Eugen Goudsmith, chief commercial officer at Nijhuis Saur Industries, highlights the significance of the partnership.

"This collaboration reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and addressing the global challenge of water scarcity. By combining our expertise, we are proud to offer game-changing solutions in adaptable purified mobile water demand and wastewater treatment,” he said.

Alejandro Roman, chief commercial officer at NX Filtration, emphasises the importance of making nanofiltration technology available to a broader customer base through Nijhuis Saur Industries' extensive fleet of mobile systems. He expressed pride in contributing to significant sustainability benefits through the technology.

The companies stated that the MONF unit offers reliable, cost-effective and secure water treatment across various markets.


A Dutch history

Since the inception of Saur’s Industrial Water platform in 2019 more than 12 companies have been successfully acquired and integrated into one global operating company supporting municipal and industrial businesses in 140 countries.

Two years ago NX Filtration successfully raised €165 million through an initial public offering (IPO) and provides hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane technology for producing pure water.

Its nanofiltration technology removes micropollutants (including pharmaceuticals, medicines, PFAS and insecticides), colour and selective salts, bacteria, viruses, and nano plastics from water.