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‘Alexa, run me a bath’ - 4 smart water home innovations from CES 2022

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Aquatech Online looks at four smart water home innovations from this year’s Consumers Electronic Show (CES 2022).

Water features once again

Innovative smart water home technology has slowly emerged at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world's biggest technology events. This year is no exception.

Back in 2021, Samsung caused a stir at CES in this emerging market with its 'smart tap/faucet' featuring built-in water purification technology with the ability to filter 2,500 litres of water for a family of four annually.

The year before that, atmospheric water generation for your home was on display when Zero Mass Water unveiled its Source Hydropannel at CES 2020.

One year later, what new smart water home technology has been added to the 2022 edition? Aquatech Online looks at four smart water technologies that caught our eye.

Moen Smart Tap

(Credit: Moen.)

Kicking off our top picks is more of an upgrade rather than a new smart water gadget.

Moen's Smart Tap/Faucet now features motion control, allowing the users to not only turn on and off the tap, but also adjust the temperature with a wave of the hand.

The Moen app pairs with this device, allowing users to pre-set temperatures and further control them with gestures.

"Moen is so confident in its new Smart Tap, the company has removed the handle and added voice controls.”

In the past, motion control technology for any sort of device has not always worked 100 per cent of the time. Yet, Moen is so confident in its new Smart Tap, the company has removed the handle and added voice controls.

The Smart Tap will cost $675 with the handle-less version being released in April 2022.

Kohler auto-filling bath

(Credit: Kohler.)

"Alexa, run me a bath" could soon be a common instruction to home AI assistants.

Kohler has finally released the PerfectFill, originally announced back at CES 2018.

Now a bath can be filled up with a simple voice command by asking Alexa or Google.

Gone are the days of constantly monitoring to make sure the water is at the right temperature, or worrying about overfilling and flooding your house.

PerfectFill consists of a drain kit and digital valve that work together to draw the bath to a preferred temperature and depth.

With the ability to be controlled by the Kohler Konnect app, there’s the option to programme up to 10 different bath times, so everyone in the house can have a bath that's just right.

"Alexa, run me a bath."

What's the catch? Well, while the PerfectFill starts at $2,700, you will need a Kohler spout and compatible Kohler bathtub, plus a Kohler engineer for installation. The total price? $8,000 for the next generation of bath time.

Yet a smart bath was not the only thing Kohler unveiled this year.

H2Wise+ Water Monitoring System

(Credit: Kohler.)

Also on display was Kohler's new smart water monitoring system, H2Wise+ powered by Phyn.

Costing between $400 - $700, the H2Wise+ can be installed at the main water line and can be set to shut off water through the app if a leak is detected.

Able to monitor water use throughout every fixture in your home, the device can notify you of a water leak as well as help monitor water use.

It also comes with a pre-freeze warning that uses pressure sensing to warn you before a pipe freezes.

The H2Wise monitor is controlled by the Kohler Konnect app and can be paired with Alexa or Google voice assistants.

Arlo water security system

(Credit: Arlo.)

Meet the whole-home security system that also keeps an eye on your water.

The Arlo water security system that claims to be a "first-of-its-kind", all-in-one multi-sensor that's capable of eight different sensing functions.

The multi-sensor can recognise motion, door and window openings and even water leaks as well as light/temperature changes. Arlo says that its 1.1-inch wide multi-sensor can be placed anywhere without hard wiring.

Each sensor can be placed easily and monitored on your phone, where it will provide a notification if a leak is detected. Arlo has not yet released a price or availability date.

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