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Make game changing connections at Aquatech Amsterdam – Editha Hoogenberg

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Ahead of Aquatech Amsterdam, Director Aquatech Amsterdam Editha Hoogenberg says why now it's more important than ever to make game-changing connections.

Inspiration in Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading water trade show for process, drinking and wastewater.

Water professionals from around the world will join together in the exciting city of Amsterdam.

Ahead of the live event, find out more with director Aquatech Amsterdam Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen.

What are you most looking forward to at Aquatech Amsterdam?
Editha Hoogenberg (EH): It is so great to see all our ideas come to life. I have been working on Aquatech for two years. With the team, we have been working on partnerships, interesting themes and the biggest knowledge programme ever. Now everyone is getting together, preparing for the show and finally, finally meeting in person. The global water technology sector is eager to meet again.

“The global water technology sector is eager to meet again.”

It’s been two years since the last gathering, with a pandemic in-between. Tell us why it’s so important for people to come back together with face-to-face events?
EH: We know that sometimes the most disruptive and game-changing connections are unplanned. This is very hard to arrange online. I have always found magic in connecting people and the value of unexpected meetings. That meeting, conversation or innovation gives you unexpected insights or inspiration and makes Aquatech unforgettable.

Knowing how much easier it is to reach your goals working together. We aim to connect everyone at Aquatech to new insights, exciting discoveries and valuable connections. Getting together in-person makes all the difference.

What are the key themes of this year’s event?
EH: Innovation is always centre stage. The Aquatech Innovation Forum celebrates waters changemakers. The specialised pavilions, named hubs, have trending themes: industrial water, digital water, desalination and water quality.

Smart water networks are the future of the utilities’ industry. Driven by the prospect that smart solutions will save utilities water and money, the industry is gaining momentum. The Digital Water HUB offers visitors a focused hotspot to learn all about the latest trends and technologies in the sector.

“We have created a meeting place where industry experts can exchange their ideas and experiences with their peers.”

Furthermore, multinationals and industries are some of the main users of water in Europe. Water issues have entered the board rooms of large companies, with water-related risks making companies act as stakeholders amongst other water users.

With water use important within industrial companies, Aquatech, together with partner Wetsus, has organised the Industrial Users HUB. We have created a meeting place where industry experts can exchange their ideas and experiences with their peers in the industry as well as with potential solutions providers.

Desalination is a growing market for both governments and the private sector, as water scarcity and water reuse become ever more pressing issues in many regions of the world. Aquatech Amsterdam draws special attention to the trends and developments in the Desalination sector with the Desalination HUB, organised in cooperation with the European Desalination Society.

“Everyone is offered free access to a brand-new smart matchmaking app, Aquatech Connect!”

The Water Quality HUB, organised in cooperation with the Water Quality Association and STOWA, offers visitors a focussed hotspot to learn all about the latest trends and technologies. A seminar programme, round table discussions and peer-to-peer meetings with attention for Point of Use and Point of Entry will give you all the insides.

After a great success in 2019 we present you the Pipefitting Championships at Aquatech 2021. Dutch National teams will compete against each other. The competition includes mechanics, as well as a ladies competition, a rookie race and a competition between the management teams.

Organised together with KNW Commissie Fitterijwedstrijden

You have partnerships with organisations including WETSUS and SWAN to deliver the Hubs packed with content on industrial water treatment and digital throughout the week. Tell me more about this?
EH: We organise various HUBs from a triple helix approach, where water professionals, technology and solutions providers and research and knowledge partners will be connected. It is also the place to network and explore business opportunities.

What other new developments should visitors keep an eye out for?
EH: For the first time, the Innovation Award has an additional award chosen by the Aquatech Community, the Aquatech Community Innovation Award. To celebrate getting together, there are many drinks: on the Industrial user Hub, Aqua Stages and Danish, Italian and Dutch country pavilions. It is the ultimate place to network at the end of the day.

"Together, we can accelerate innovation, find better and more sustainable solutions.”

Last but certainly not least: all registered visitors and exhibiting companies are offered free access to a brand-new smart matchmaking platform, Aquatech Connect!

This interactive matchmaking system gives you the opportunity to meet new business relations and connect online, to get inspired by world-class speakers who give insights into the latest developments in the water technology industry, to experience product launches or to plan meetings at Aquatech Amsterdam 2021!

Aquatech’s mantra is ‘Together we make water work’. Why is this more important than ever?
EH: Together, we can accelerate innovation, find better and more sustainable solutions, discover more ways to recover resources and become more climate resilient. Together we can go faster. And we have no choice as the global problems involving water continues to grow. The good news is that although there are many challenges, there are also many solutions we can share.

For more information and to register as a visitor for free to Aquatech Amsterdam, please visit: www.aquatechtrade.com/amsterdam

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