Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3
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Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3

Thursday, 7 November 2019

New at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019, the outdoor demo lane!

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3

Fancy a beer made out of rainwater? Would you like to see how pee turns into tea? The new Aquatech outdoor demo lane offers it all. Just outside at entrance K, exhibitors showcase their solutions for desalination, purification and re-use of water. Visit the ‘bathroom-container’ of Waternet, the water company for Amsterdam and surrounding area. Waternet demonstrates how they are closing the water cycle; from toilet and shower to phosphate, bio-gas, re-use etc.

Belgian company Hydrovolta showcases a hybrid solution for desalination that uses less energy, has a lower salinity discharge, lower chemical consumption and 50-70% water recovery. Their secret: a unique combination of electrodialysis, ultrasound technology (SonixED) and other membrane technologies (low pressure osmosis). Further down the demo lane, take a look inside the Mobile Ultrafiltration Unit of Logisticon Water Treatment. The system is capable of producing purified water with a capacity up to 200m3/h.

Nextdoor, Semilla Sanitation demonstrates how pee can be turned into tea. Semilla modules form a closed wastewater treatment unit, using advanced space technology to convert sanitary waste- water into clean water and fertilizers for food production. Conclude your visit with a beer made from rainwater at the Rain-Bar. Heavy shower = happy hour!”

Sjef Ernes receives Royal Decoration at Sarphati Symposium

Yesterday, Sjef Ernes (former managing director of the NGO Aqua for All) received the Royal Decoration of Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau. Jack van der Hoek, Royal Commissioner for Noord Holland, praised the way Ernes has been a true champion for sanitation for many years. Under his leadership, Aqua for All supported hundreds of sanitation projects worldwide. “At least 4,5 million people gained access to basic sanitation thanks to your efforts”, said Van der Hoek. “I believe that everyone should have access to basic sanitation within ten years” reacted Ernes. I hope you will take up this challenge too and enjoy it!”

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3

From the social media community #Aquatech2019

Team Waterbedrijf Groningen World Champions Drilling and Tapping

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3

Congratulations, team Groningen (NL), for successfully defending your title at the fitting competition @Aquatech!

Ten tips for your visit @ Aquatech today

Feeling overwhelmed by what’s on offer at Aquatech? Check out our selection of today’s events.

  1. Micropollutants removal from municipal wastewater
    20 innovative technologies for removal of micropollutants from wastewater have been judged by over a 100 Dutch waterprofessionals. The technologies have also been researched and tested on design parameters, effluent quality, Co2 footprint and costs. The research is carried out within an extensive programme initiated by STOWA and the ministry of foreign affairs. Today, the first results of the study will be discussed at the workshop ‘Dutch Innovations on Micropollutants Removal from Wastewater’ One-hour theme sessions start at 10:45, 11:45, 13:45 and 14:45. Future Water Theatre, hall 13, stand 13.120.

  2. Follow the Aquatech Innovation Avenue
    Fully up to date on the latest trends, developments and technologies in approximately 30 minutes? Walk the Innovation Avenue which runs from the Innovation Lab in Hall 1 all the way to the Holland Innovation Park and Industrial User Experience in Hall 11.

  3. See the drones fly!
    Did you know drones are also used for groundwater monitoring? Learn how you can use drones in your busi- ness. During Aquatech, Amsterdam Skytools gives demonstrations with flying the drones.

    Aquatech Amsterdam in 13 pictures
    Drone shows: 11:30 and 14:30 hrs, hall 10, stand 10.114.

  4. Visit the Smart Water Networks pavilion and session
    Smart water networks are the future of the utility industry. The Smart Water Networks Pavilion, powered by the SWAN Forum, offers visitors a focused hotspot to learn all about the latest trends and technologies in the sector. Today, the Swan Forum also organizes the session “Smart Water: Transforming data into Actionable Insights.”
    Session: 11:45 – 11:50 hrs, Aquastage, Hall 12 Smart Water Networks Pavilion: Hall 12, booth 12.311.

  5. Discover new products
    Exhibitors have provided a list of almost a hundred innovations and new products. Discover them all! Check your app or the catalogue (page 20) and follow the ‘Walking Route Innovations and New Products.’

  6. Go where water meets chemi cals and energy
    Are you involved in industrial water use and challenged to find solutions to re-use or reduce water within your companies processes? Visit the free seminar sessions at the Industrial User Experience at stand 11.312 in hall 11.

    On todays’ program: water solutions for the chemical and energy sector.
    10:30 welcome and registration
    11:00 – 12:30 hrs: Water and reuse, opportunities and constraints Speakers from a.o DOW, BASF, LyondellBasel, Witteveen+Bos, JTC Singapore
    14:30 – 16:00 hrs: Greening water conditioning for heat and power generation
    Speakers from a.o Ghent University, Enel, KWR, Nijhuis Deba.

  7. Take a trip around the world in one day
    At Aquatech, you can take a trip around the world of water in a day. Special country pavilions showcase the best a country has to offer. From Bavaria to China, from Finland to the USA.

    Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 3

  8. Check out the 10 most promising and innovative water technologies
    BlueTech Research, global provider of water technology market intelligence, shortlists the 10 most promising and innovative water tech companies from around the world. Find out who they are and check out their presentations at the Bluetech Research Innovation Pavilion Hall 13, booth 13.160.
    BlueTech Logo
  9. Go big at Pumps and Process Plaza in hall 12!
    This is where the real men and women go! Pumps and Process plaza is the centre of Hall 12, which is about power, maximum capacity, big machinery and high-tech systems. Meet the top producers and learn all about research, development and application of pumps and pump systems. Or just marvel at the technology on show.
    Hall 12, Pumps and Process Plaza: booth 12.505.

  10. Only in Dutch: Tech talk on Large Scale biogas production
    Envaqua organiseert een interessante Tech Talk over grootschalige biogasproductie. Hoe kunnen we biogas produceren van bijvoorbeeld reststromen, mest en biomassa?
    Met sprekers van de HVC groep, Royal Haskoning DHV, Paques en DMT. booth 11.312, hall 11.
    ENVAQUA logo

And don't miss...

  • Desalination Pavilion – Stand 01.510
  • Smart Water Networks Pavilion – Stand 12.311
  • NEW: Future Water Square – Hall 13
  • NEW: Recovered Resources on display – Stand 13.100
  • NEW: EU Innovation Projects Pavilion – Stand 13.170
  • Future Water Leaders Living Room – Stand 13.110
  • Pumps & Process Plaza – Stand 12.505
  • InnovationLAB & Innovation Avenue – Stand 01.332
  • BlueTech Research Innovation Pavilion – Stand 13.160
  • KNW Drilling & Tapping Championships – Stand 12.917
  • NEW: ADW Drone Arena – Stand 10.114 - During Aquatech Amsterdam Skytools will give demonstrations with flying the drones. Every day at 11:30 hours and 14:30 hours they will give a Drone show which is free of charge to attend.
  • Media pavilion - Stand 10.000
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