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Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 2

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Food for thought today – big issues of tomorrow

From climate change to health and population growth; water is key to all big issues the world is talking about today. That’s why Aquatech Amsterdam features a wide array of interesting seminars and discussions. Dazzled by all the innovative exhibitors at the show? Take a moment to pause, reflect and join the debate. Here’s a selection of what’s on today.

Industrial water footprint reduction: food, beverage and paper industry

Industry is one of the main users of water in Europe. At Aquatech, industrial sectors are discussing ways to reduce their water footprint. The industrial user experience bridges the gap between industry demands and solutions provided by equipment suppliers.

Today, the food, beverage and paper industry takes centre stage. Topics are: resource recovery from organic loaded wastewater (11-12:30 hrs) and water security (14:30 – 16:00 hrs). The programme features speakers from Aviko, Chaincraft, Heineken, North Water, Nijhuis Industries, Cosun, DS Smith and Rijn & IJssel regional water authority.

Industrial User Experience
Seminar Sessions: food, beverage and paper industry 10:30 – 16:00 hrs, stand 11.312 hall 11.

Doctor Sarphati knows best

How do we give 2,4 billion people access to basic sanitation?
Wonder through Amsterdam and you’ll still find streets and parks named after Doctor Samuel Sarphati, a 19th century doctor who radically improved sanitation in Amsterdam. Visit the symposium in his honor, discover the latest innovative sanitation methods and increase awareness and political support for sanitation. Find out which innovative entrepreneurs win the Sarphati Sanitation Awards.

Sarphati Sanitation Symposium 2019 10:00 – 16:00 hrs (feel free to join at any time)
Future Water Theatre, hall 13, Stand 13.120

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 2

Stop talking, start doing!

Are you stuck in your daily routines, in need of inspiration and fresh ideas? Or are you looking for new talent? Visit the future water leaders at their livingroom. Some highlights of the programme:

  • 6 november – meet the international alumni
  • 8 november – career event day.

Future Water Square, Hall 13, stand 13.110

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 2

Desalination – the solution for water scarcity?

According to Global Water Intelligence (GWI) the capital expenditure on seawater and brackish water is to increase by 40% in 2020. The use of desalination is growing all over the world. Learn from the experts at the desalination pavilion and visit the desalination seminar.
Desalination Pavilion: Hall 1 stand 01.510

Desalination Seminar: 14:45 – 16:15 hrs, Aqua Stage, Hall 12, stand 12.230.

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Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 2

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Around the world in a day: Holland Pavilion (Hall 11)

At Aquatech, you can take a trip around the world of water in a day. Special country pavilions showcase the best a country has to offer. From Bavaria to China, from Finland to the USA. Today we highlight the Holland Pavilion.

The art of water

The Holland Pavilion is an eye-catching, sustainable showcase for the innovations of more than thirty innovative Dutch organizations. If you don’t have time to go to the Rijksmuseum, this is your plan B. The banner above the Holland Pavilion shows the interdependence of the Dutch landscape, and the need to unite and work together. The banner, inspired by the famous painting Panorama Mesdag, spotlights the typical Dutch landscape with sea, dunes, dikes, rivers, polders, meadows with cows, but also cities, residential areas, highways, cycle paths, windmills and ports. All materials can be reused or recycled.

Over thirty innovative organizations

The pavilion is home to more than thirty innovative organizations. From waste- water disposal to fish migration and biofilters, from drinking water production to groundwater systems. One striking showcase is Hydraloop, designed to reuse water at home. The water from the shower, bath and washing machine gets collected into the Hydraloop. Hydraloop uses a unique patented water treatment technology. Ordinary systems use filters or membranes to treat the water, which clog and need regular maintenance. The patented Hydraloop technology - that is the heart of the system - removes dirt, soap and other pollution without using a filter.

Aquatech Amsterdam Daily News 2

Meet the Dutch Water Sector

The crew of the Holland Pavilion knows the Dutch water sector and can connect you to the right partners. Don’t forget to check out the interesting programme of presentations and networking opportunities. During Aquatech, the pavilion is a home away from home for many Dutch visitors, a lively place to end your day.

Access to the Chinese water market

The Chinese water market offers huge possibilities for those companies offering innovative solutions. The China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) provides information on doing business in China during Aquatech Amsterdam. Join the launch of the CEWP urban water program today. 10:00 – 12:30 hrs D201 – 202.

In case you missed it: opportunities in the Latin American Water Sector

Yesterday, a mission from 6 Latin American countries for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Aquatech. Delegates from Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina and Guatemala were invited by the local Dutch embassies to gain knowledge on the Dutch water sector both at Aquatech and the AIWW conference. Each of the delegations presented their main water challenges and ambitions in their country. If you are interested in the Latin American Water Market and missed the session, contact organisers or for more information.

Country Pavilions at Aquatech:

  • Ace Pavilion (Bejing, China) 05.314
  • Bavarian Pavilion 02.317
  • British Pavilion 2.116
  • Chinese Pavilion 03.120
  • Danish Pavilion 5.102
  • Finnish Pavilion 11.307
  • Korean Pavilion 10.322
  • Swiss Pavilion 5.210
  • Taiwan Pavilion 05.340
  • WEF Pavilion (USA) 02.318

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