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Forging water’s sustainable transformation

Aquatech is proud to bring people and organisations together that tackle urgent matters surrounding water worldwide.

Since 1968, Aquatech connects innovative and practical solutions to water challenges.

At our trade shows we make face-to-face connections which we continue and expand online after and in between our live events.

We intertwine face-to-face, website, social and email – throughout the year. We know the best connections are best glued together meeting face-to-face, even if it is just once.

Bridging the gap between the governmental, business and scientific communities, Aquatech provides easily accessible, relevant, engaging and shareable content for global water professionals.

Our mission is ‘together we make water work’ and our ambition is to help every member of the Aquatech community become a Master of Water.




Driven by storytelling, we share personal, relevant, engaging and likeable content. We tell the stories behind the people, the processes and the technologies in the complete water cycle.

360° visibility

Designed to inspire and entertain, our multi-channel experience includes the largest international weekly newsletter, an online platform and social media.

Cross platform advertising

Cross platform advertising

We offer Water technology companies a diversified portfolio of solutions, as well as the exhibitions, to help meet their marketing, sales and corporate objectives.

Connect with the world

We bridge the public to the private sectors, the business to the scientific communities all with the common goal to help solve shared global water challenges. We bring together Aquatech thought-leaders to participate and help progress water technology and innovation.

Walter van der Schoot
Walter van der Schoot
Senior Sales Consultant
Tessa Schuit
Tessa Schuit
Sales Consultant