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Anhui Sanxing Resin Technology

Anhui Sanxing Resin Technology Co.. Ltd has been working on the research, development and manufacture of resin for several years, it is the research and production base of ion exchange resin and macropore resin of China, and the key resin enterprise of China. With experienced technicians, Sanxing has set up bio-separation lab with some universities of China. Sanxing can offer 100 kinds of products now, including Strong acid resin, Strong alkali resin, Weak acid resin, Weak alkali resin, macropor
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Electropure Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

SnowPure manufactures and supplies ultrapure water and process membrane components, to be integrated by qualified OEMs in 70 countries around the world. With detailed knowledge of the water and process industries, SnowPure works with our OEMs ensuring design optimization and best system performance. Our technical expertise helps guide our clients before, during, and after the sale.
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Beijing Onway New Technology Co.,Ltd.

BEIJING ONWAY NEW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a qualified supplier of different kinds of new energy and environmental products & services, such as clean energy, zero-liquid discharge water-treatment, desalination, solid-liquid separation, as well as its resourcilization. We are committed to “Life comes from water”, dedicated in the import, research, development and promotion of related fields ‘new and high technologies.
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Biocera Co., Ltd.

We Biocera Co.,is leading and very specialized company in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of item with good reputation in the world since 1994 as follow. 1. Antibacterial ceramic powder. 2. Negative Ion ceramic powder. 3. Various kinds od Ceramic balls(NSF) for water treatment. 4. Biocera Ball(same function as synthetic detergent) 5. Antioxidant alkaline water filter, Jug, Stick and Purifier 6. And other eco-friendly items. For more info, Please visit our website,
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Billi dichtungstechnik gmbh

billi dichtungstechnik gmbh is a german leading manufacturer of mechanical seals, gland packings and cut gaskets for industrial pumps, valves and flanges for almost any kind of industry.
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BLUE-tec B.V.

Blue-tec from the Netherlands realises innovative membrane processes for waste water treatment, drinking water production and Industrial processes. Blue-tec focusses on membrane contactor processes, like Forward Osmosis and Membrane Distillation as well as on pressure driven membrane processes.
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BEL Composite Ibérica S.L.

BEL is a world specialist manufacturer and vendor of composite made pressure vessels (Membrane Housing) and other equipment for the water industry.? Founded in 1966, BEL Group built over the years a strong customers base, first in the process industry and since 1999 in the sea water and brackish water desalination industry with its Composite Material production expertise.
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EXPO-NET Danmark A/S

EXPO-NET Danmark A/S is one of the largest manufacturers of various types of plastic mesh in Europe, and among the leading manufacturers in the world in the field of extruded plastic filter media – our well-known BIO-BLOK® products – which among other things are being used for biological treatment and aeration and degassing of water from the aquaculture industry. We work closely with our customers, and many of our products are patented.
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Water-i.d. GmbH

We are a manufacturer of water testing equipment and reagents with headquarters in Germany. Founded 17 years ago, Water-i.d. distributes water testing equipment in more than 100 countries around the globe, serving different industries, such as drinking water/potable water, waste water, laboratories, marine industry, food processing and many more. Water-i.d. received several awards for its outstanding innovative products, such as the unique PrimeLab Photometer, covering >150 parameters.
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Biontech Co., Ltd.

Biontech has persisted in resarch, manufacturing, and sales of Ionized Water Systems for decades and the mechanism involves electrolysis of water through the use of electrode energy and ionic materials moving to different electrodes (anodes and cathodes) through the special Ion Exchange Membrane.
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