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Shaoxing Mona Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd

Our purifier is movable(free of installation and technical maintenance) with instant heating function. We use a revolutionary technology - polymer composite reverse osmosis membrane, to give consumers a safe and healthy way for drinking.It has a variety of temperature choices, meeting the needs of a variety of drinking water in a timely manner; Suitable for a variety of occasions where there is demand for drinking water, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, hotel, etc., ;Colorful, more color choic
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Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS

The Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS develops technical and strategic solutions for the efficient use of secondary materials and functional materials. The Project Group works on resource recovery and the removal of pollutants from waste water, ash, biomass and sludge, as well as on obtaining biobased fibers from by-products or process waste from the food industry.
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FPZ is a world class manufacturer of high performance regenerative blowers that are used to move air in pressure or vacuum systems. FPZ also manufactures a wide range or blowers suitable for handling technical gases such as methane or biogas.
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Universal Environmental Technologies, Inc - UET Water BIOWORKS

Personalized and customized water and waste water treatment solutions by experienced professionals. Total process and systems manufacturer. Membrane filtration, Ultra-filtration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, seawater desalination, Municipal waste water treatment, industrial water treatment, clean waste water for re-use & discharge, cooling system treatment, improve energy efficiency and membrane performance, aeration systems, secondary clarifiers, DAF, ASBR.
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Caware Filtering Corp.

Caware specializes in direct drinking water filter modules/elements/cartridges of either standardized or customized specification. Its unique affordable all-in-one green filters combining high efficiency activated carbon block/fiber and hollow fiber media of gravitational flow and low pressure drop to deliver high performance of log 7 bacteria reduction and other harmful chemical substances. Caware is a Taiwan leading professional manufacturer and developer to meet the needs of a diverse client.
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Aquasystems International N.V.

AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV whose headquarters are in Halle, Belgium, has been trading as in independent company for over 43 years and specialises in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of AERATION, MIXING, DECANTING and FLOATABLES/FOAM REMOVAL and BREAKING Equipment for Waste Water Treatment. The Company Product name is AQUA TURBO® and the range includes Direct Drive Surface Aerators; Floating & Fixed Mounted, Low Speed Aerators, Submersible Aerators, Downdraft Mixers
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Aquamatic Ltd.

Aquamatic is a leading manufacturer of high quality Automatic Wastewater Sampling equipment based in the UK With a huge install base throughout the world our Samplers are used extensively by Water Companies, Environment Agencies and Manufacturing & Processing Companies in a wide variety of industry sectors
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Dawnway Enterprise Co., Ltd

We are a professional company that has specialized in no lead brass and stainless steel faucets and plumbing products for over 20 years with a reputation for maintaining good business as a primary asset. Unrivaled service, zealous R&D, efficiency and quality that conforms to the demands of our customers,are never-ending constants in our business model. With our prestige, approved products,and advanced business models, we will be the most convincing partner to your market competition.
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CENTER PLUS SA started as a sole proprietorship in 1990. Its current form is anonymous company (S.A.), however, remains a family business. Despite the fact that started its activity as an importing and trading company, the conscious decision of its president to support the Greek economy, lead the company to become manufacturer of a series of certified products, such as water filters, firefighting equipment, fireplace blowers which transform the traditional fireplace into energy saving, etc
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