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Therma-Tron-X, Inc.

TTX Environmental focuses exclusively on water and waste-water treatment products, paying close attention to changing regulations and new environmental concerns. Engineers from TTX Environmental evaluate your water source and waste-water stream before recommending the best water conditioning and waste-water system for you.
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Ningbo Hengyuan Precision Valves Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer that research, development and produce PE100 fittings such as Ball valve, Electrofusion fittings, Butt Fusion fittings, PE-Steel adapter,etc.,with SDR11 and SDR17 series,for gaseous fuel supply piping systems, as well as potable water. With annual production capacity of 8,000 tons HDPE resins, and fittings range from dn20mm to dn1200mm.
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Alpha-Purify Ltd

Alpha-Purify provide high-quality UV disinfection lamps, quartz sleeves & other UV system accessories for safe water, air and surface purification at a competitive cost.
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IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o.

IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o. was founded more than 20 years ago (1995) Based in central Europe with H.Q. and production site, since its establishment, the company’s focus has been on stainless steel products for wastewater treatment. IN-EKO’s business is driven by an emphasis on high quality work, innovative processes, and comprehensive after-sale services. IN-EKO TEAM operates in the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector worldwide and is a key player for microfiltration in the European markets.
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INERCO's Group company with a multidisciplinary fully trained and skilled team with over 35 years experience. Highly specialised and experienced in waste water reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Tecnologies: Evaporation, Membranes (Micro, UF, NF, RO), EDI, EDR, IX, FQ and Bilogical systems. Services; EPC’s : Engineering design, supply, installation and commissioning; Operational, Maintenance and Post-sales services. Agreements with latest technologies and operating techniques suppliers.
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ATB Water

Empresa de origen Alemán dedicada a la fabricación de plantas modulares para el tratamiento aguas residuales por el proceso SBR ó Reactor Secuencial por Lotes. Para soluciones domésticas e industriales y de bajo consumo energético.
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Ionizadores Calcareos S.L.U.

Fabricante de equipos electrónicos antisarro para operadores de agua, industrias, edificios, etc. Los equipos desarrollados por IONCAL evitan la formación de sarro en instalaciones y eliminan progresivamente el sarro ya incrustado. Son de fácil instalación y mínimo mantenimiento. Se trata de una tecnología ecológica que evita el uso y vertido de productos químicos al medio ambiente. Manufacturer of anti-lime scale electronic equipment for water treatment distribution, industries, buildings, etc
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HIDROLIT es una marca con presencia internacional dedicada a crear y fabricar sistemas de tratamiento de agua residenciales. Utilizamos tecnología de vanguardia, creamos productos resistentes y duraderos, y que cuidan el Medioambiente.
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Sistemas de dosificación de reactivos en polvo, creación de lechadas y tratamiento de lodos
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