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Doulton Water Filters

Sole manufacturer of the world renowned range of Doulton® and British Berkefeld® drinking water filters. With over 185 years continuous UK manufacturing experience and products in use in 140 countries worldwide, Doulton® is an acknowledged world leader in point of use water purification, helping to provide clean, healthy drinking water to millions of people every day.
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Fluid-o-Tech S.r.l.

Fluid-o-Tech is an Italian company leader in the design and manufacture of pumps for pressurization and transfer of fluids with about 200 collaborators, besides its main establishment in Corsico, Italy, is present in the U.S.A, both on the East and West Coast, in Japan and in China. At the core of its work Fluid-o-Tech has chosen to put know how, technological development and continuous improvement, building relationships of trust with its employees, suppliers and customers.
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Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

Heraeus Noblelight is one of the technology and market leaders in the production of specialty light sources. Our sophisticated and reliable UV systems are optimized for dedicated customer use. We focus on environmentally friendly and energy-saving water treatment and water disinfection with UV: treatment of ballast water, process water, drinking water, municipal and industrial sewage and water for animal husbandry, agriculture and horticulture.
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MICRODYN-NADIR offers a comprehensive spectrum of membrane filtration solutions over a complete range of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis products in flat sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow-fiber configurations, as well as MBR technology for treatment of water and wastewater. During the last 50 years, MICRODYN-NADIR has earned its customers´ trust with innovative membrane products. Their mission is to deliver superior solutions to membrane separation problems.
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Plastek srl was founded in 1988 to design, to realize and to sell special items composed of Polyethylene, PP and PVC pipes with diameters up to mm 1.200. Plastek activity includes the production of fittings obtained by injection as well. The service is complete, with on-site assistance ensured by skilled workers. Plastek srl supplies: - standard PE products – standard PVC products – injected fittings – special products and solutions according to technical drawing – on-site assistance with skilled and II
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HM Digital, Inc

HM Digital, Inc. manufactures high-quality, economically priced water testing instruments, including testers, meters, monitors and controllers for TDS, EC, pH, ORP, flow, Brewing, Wineries, Brix, Coffee Extraction and temperature. LBS-10 LeakBlock Sensor leak detection and auto shut off. We also manufacturer calibration solutions, sensors, and more.
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Netherlands Pavilion

The Netherlands Pavilion is your one-stop-shop for innovative water solutions, the place to meet and get in touch with the Dutch water sector. The Netherlands is well known for its Delta approach and water governance. But our integrated approach on water reaches much further. The Dutch water sector offers a wide range of sustainable solutions on efficient (waste) water management, purification, nutrient recovery, water reuse, smart monitoring, and other appropriate water technologies.
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Industries around the world are feeling the pressure of having to meet both increasing demands for their products, and ever-stricter environmental regulations. GEA is committed to providing long-term, cost-effective and ecologically viable solutions that will help our customers both comply with regulations and increase their output. GEA is a main supplier of complete process lines and equipment for treating waste water, fluids and other industrial by-products.
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Nijhuis Industries

Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. We meet today’s challenges as well as those of the future, as a response towards a CIRCULAR economy in a ‘fluid’ world. To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers customized installations, to create profit out of (waste)water, process water and waste.
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LG Sonic algae control

Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of algae control systems. Our products provide an environmentally friendly solution to effectively control algae in lakes, reservoirs, treatment plants, and other applications. Over the last decade, more than 10,000 LG Sonic products have been successfully installed in 52 different countries.
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