Technology leaders join Aquatech innovation initiative

Technology leaders join Aquatech innovation initiative


Five of the world’s most innovative water technology companies have joined the BlueTech Innovation Pavilion, a new feature of Aquatech Amsterdam 2015. By the time the celebratory 25th edition of the event is held during 3-6 November, BlueTech Research hopes to have increased this number to eight.

BlueTech provides specialised market intelligence for water industry investors and has created the specialist innovation section in partnership with Aquatech Amsterdam.

Technology companies Metal Membranes (Netherlands), Arvia Technology (UK), GW Fathom (USA), Magpie Polymers (France) and Akvola Technologies (Germany) will share their expertise with the thousands of water professionals at Aquatech Amsterdam.

The Chief Executive and Founder of BlueTech Research, Paul O’Callaghan, said: "We are thrilled to bring together this international group of companies at the BlueTech Innovation Pavilion. Each is doing extraordinary work - three in the field of advanced water treatment and one in data management. Their technologies have huge potential in applications across the utility and industrial sectors of the water industry. "A visit to the Innovation Pavilion will be a valuable use of visitors’ time."

BlueTech Innovation Pavilion participants
Metal Membranes has developed a method of producing ceramic membranes using plasma arc technology to oxidise wafer-thin sheets of aluminium oxide or titanium. Chief Executive Hans-Henk Wolters said: "Our technology has a wide range of uses - from water filtration and diagnostic applications to non-scaling heating elements. We look forward to joining BlueTech at this prestigious event to show the industry what this innovative new material can do."

Arvia Technology has developed a graphite-based electro-chemical method of removing micropollutants from water, which is effective even against hard-to-remove organic compounds like metaldehyde and triclosan. Arvia co-founder Dr Nigel Brown said: "We believe our product will be a key weapon in the global fight against micropollutants. Being part of Aquatech is a great opportunity to show industrial users and water utilities how effective and economical this method can be to remove some of the most difficult contaminants from water and wastewater."

Magpie Polymers manufactures an innovative new material, which is highly effective at scavenging precious metals from industrial effluents. Founder Steven van Zutphen said: "Our unique polymers can selectively capture and retain platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold from complex industrial process water. We look forward to taking part in the Innovation Pavilion and making new connections within the water industry."

FATHOM is the name of both the company and its geo-spatial platform that can harvest the value of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data for utilities of all sizes. The processed information can be used by operators and customers through mobile device management, customer information systems and electronic bill presentment. FATHOM was developed by a water utility and is currently deployed on 4 million meters in the US.

It allows for the incremental adoption of AMI by homogenizing and standardising data taken from equipment supplied by any meter vendor. The result is real-time, spatially relevant information available across the utility.

Graham Symmonds, Chief Knowledge Officer of Fathom, said: "The beauty of our system is that it was developed by a water utility for a water utility - so we know it works. Smart data can help water utilities increase revenue, decrease costs, save water and improve service to customers."

Akvola Technologies sells custom solutions based on its proprietary technology akvoFloat™, a ceramic flotation-filtration process powered by a proprietary microbubble generation device. akvoFloat™ has been designed to deal with hard-to-treat industrial effluents where conventional technologies, such as dissolved air flotation, polymeric membranes and media filters, fail. akvoFloat is especially effective in wastewaters containing high amounts of fats, oils and greases (FOG) or suspended solids. Founder and Chief Financial Officer Lucas León said, "We have successfully completed two pilot tests of our technology in desalination pretreatment and oily wastewater treatment in the oil & gas industry. We are currently looking for pilot sites and partners for larger-scale tests in different applications. Aquatech Amsterdam will be a great opportunity to network across the water sector."

With over half the available space in the Innovation Pavilion now filled, BlueTech Research is seeking four more companies to sign up before the event goes live in November.

Marieke Leenhouts of RAI Amsterdam said: "The BlueTech Innovation Pavilion is a first for Aquatech and we believe it will give our thousands of visitors from around the world a great opportunity to learn more about the most exciting emerging technologies in water."

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