Future Leaders Event

Future Leaders Event


On Tuesday October 29th, the Future Leaders Event was held at PwC in Amsterdam. For this event, Young Water Professionals, students and Young Industrial Leaders came together to work on water challenges as input for the Industrial Leaders Forum at Aquatech (7th of November 15.00-18.00). The Future Leaders Event was organised by the Aquatech, Netherlands Water Partnership, and the Wetsills organisation.

The Future Leaders Event started with inspiring presentations from leaders of today to the leaders of the future, with keynote speakers from the water sector, including Mr. Menno Holterman (CEO Nijhuis Water Technology) and Mr. Lennart Silvis (Managing Director NWP). Mr. Ertug Ercin (Water Footprint Network) also had a vivid story about the Textile branch in Bangladesh, one of the main topics of the Industrial Leaders Forum. After the young professionals got the chance to ask questions to the experts during a speed date session with the keynote speakers, Henk Walters (Deltares), Stephan van Hoof (Pentair), and Jan Willem van den Beukel (PwC).

In the afternoon the young leaders brainstormed about their cases. The Young Industrial Experts came from those companies including Heineken, Rabobank, Akzo Nobel and PWC. During the brainstorm sessions the participants found out that the water sector and industrial work fields are different worlds and combining this creates new ways of thinking.

At the end of the day, the students had the opportunity to express their thoughts on water related issues / companies and even on how the government handles water problems. This was done by making two statements on film, which will be shown at the Industrial Leaders Forum. It was clear that everyone wanted to create superb statements to make the most of their opportunity to be heard.

Water cases
The Young Leaders worked on two main cases: Securing water for food and Water recycle for textile branch in Bangladesh. In this first case the participants had to find a method to decrease the water footprint of the food industry in northern countries. The second case focused on the efficiency of the production process of the textile branch and reducing its consumption of water. The cases were provided and supported by two case owners, ARCADIS and IVAM/NWP.

Wetskills Water Challenge
The Young Water Professionals attending this event, are participating in the Wetskills Water Challenge in The Netherlands, and were integrated at the Young Water Professional programme of the International Water Week. The Wetskills Water Challenge is a two-week programme where international water students and young professionals meet and work in mixed teams for water challenges. Wetskills is an international programme, organised in nine different countries. On Saturday the 26th of October, the tenth Wetskills edition started in Amsterdam. In the first few days, the students visited water related sites like the Balgstuw at Ramspol, along with a drinking water treatment plant (Engelse Werk) in Zwolle where they received training. Next week the participants will work out the cases and present their solutions on the 7th of November during the final event held before the Industrial Leaders Forum (12.45-14.15, at the RAI, free entrance).

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