Finalists announced for prestigious Aquatech Innovation Award 2015

Finalists announced for prestigious Aquatech Innovation Award 2015


High quality nominees address key challenges facing the water sector

The finalists in the 2015 edition of the Aquatech Innovation Award have been announced, with the solutions developed by the nominated companies offering options to deal with some of the most pressing concerns of the water sector.

More than 70 companies entered this year’s competition, all hoping to win top place in this prestigious water industry award. The 14 most impressive entrants across five categories have been nominated as finalists, along with an additional ’special mention’ nominee. The international jury’s decision on the winner of each category and the overall winning entry will be announced on 2 November at the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week and the 25th edition of the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition.

Jury chairman Dr Cees Buisman, Scientific Director of Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, notes that the solutions offered by the nominees cover concerns such as the challenge of removing very low concentrations of pharmaceutical compounds from water, how to deal with the concentrated brine produced during desalination, and the need for more rapid ways of testing for the presence of bacteria in drinking water supplies. ’It is satisfying to see that the Aquatech Innovation Award and those who are seeking to win it are matching the trends in the water sector,’ he says.

The five categories of the award are: not-yet-to-market; process control technology and process automation; transport and storage; water supply / water treatment; and wastewater treatment. The entries have been judged on the basis of their originality (50%), practicality (25%) and sustainability (25%).

The number of entrants that has been put forward by the jury as finalists has increased from the previous award, due in particular to a very strong showing from smaller companies. ’Now there are many more smaller companies joining with new hi-tech solutions,’ says Buisman. This increase in participation by such companies has been actively encouraged for 2015 award. ’I think this is a major improvement,’ says Buisman. ’Small companies often have the most exciting innovations,’ he continues, adding: ’At the same time, the importance of small companies in the water sector is increasing, and that shows that the water sector is becoming more innovative.’

All entries are from companies who will be exhibiting at Aquatech Amsterdam, so visitors to the show will be able to find out more about all of these latest technology developments - among them European- and world-first showings. The winners and other nominees will further benefit from special prominence at the event, including display at the new, dedicated InnovationLAB area on the show floor. This is part of an increased focus on innovation at the exhibition. ’I like it very much that Aquatech has made innovation a core value of the whole exhibition,’ says Buisman.

The award offers small companies in particular the opportunity to gain attention for their new technologies. &’This prize is of very high value for them,’ says Buisman. He adds that it is important too for large companies, especially as a way of helping those responsible for developing new solutions to gain recognition across all parts of their organisations. ’For big companies this award is a valuable tool to draw attention to RD within their organisations,’ he adds.

The 2015 Aquatech Innovation Award nominees are:

    Category: Not-yet-to-market
  • CAGIS: Real-time Customer Alert GIS, Vitens
  • PearlAqua, Aquisense Technologies
    Category: Process control technology Process Automation
  • Biotrack AquaMonitor, Biotrack
  • FATHOM Meter Data Management, FATHOM Water Management LLC
  • Hach Prognosys predictive diagnostic system, Hach Lange
    Category: Transport Storage
  • AQS-SYS, Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.
  • SL-RAT Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, InfoSense, Inc
    Category: Water supply/ water treatment
  • Grundfos BACMON Bacteria Monitoring, Grundfos A/S
  • Metalmembranes, BV
  • MPC-Buoy: Monitor, Predict Control Algal Blooms, LG Sonic BV
    Category: Wastewater treatment
  • Arvia ODC, Arvia Technology Ltd
  • DyVaR OG ZLD, Salttech BV
  • Keratox, ATG UV technology
    Special Mention
  • Serious water game, Vitens

Proceeds to AMREF Flying Doctors Charity
Proceeds from the Aquatech Innovation Award go to the AMREF Sustainable water access for the Masai in Kajiado, Kenya project. This aims to reduce the number of water-related diseases among the Masai by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation. The project will bring access to safe water for approximately 50,000 people. Approximately 16,500 people will gain access to sanitation and will be informed about the importance of good personal hygiene.

About Aquatech Global Events
Established in 1964, Aquatech Global Events organises the world’s leading trade events in the process, drinking and waste water technology sectors in Europe, the USA, China and India. The well-established format covers the following segments: Transport and Storage, Water Treatment, Point of Use, Process Control and Technology Process Automation. Aquatech Global Events are visited by professionals from all parts of the water industry and attract policy-makers, top-level businesses, specialists, and those who apply the technology in practice. More information can be found at

Details of the new products and services that will be on show at Aquatech, including those of the entrants and nominees in the Aquatech Innovation Award, can be found at:

Aquatech Amsterdam will take place 3-4-5-6 November 2015 in RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, the Netherlands.

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