The value of water technology awards


Water technology awards provide a way to raise awareness and recognise areas where technology can contribute to solving water issues.

The use of water awards has been used by many groups including the Gates Foundation, with its Re-Invent the Toilet Campaign to help put the spotlight on game-changing solutions to address sanitation challenges in the developing world. The Artemis Top 50, ImagineH2O and USAID with its Grand Water Challenge have all leveraged the power and momentum that can be created through the use of awards to help advance innovation and support companies.

We believe the timing is right to put the spotlight on international companies that can truly make an impact on addressing needs in Chinese water market. The market demand for water/wastewater solutions in China is now one of the largest in the entire world, and regulations and policy are driving change and in many cases technology decisions are leap-frogging forward to advance membrane solutions and zero liquid discharge.

This year Aquatech China is partnering with BlueTech Research and Mandarin Environment to launch the inaugural China BlueTech Awards to help recognise international companies with a compelling value proposition for the China market, as well as recognise Chinese companies that are ready now and strategically placed to internationalise.

More details on the China BlueTech Awards coming soon.



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