Could Blockchain mitigate our global water crisis?


Water crisis is an ongoing struggle for millions of people around the world. Although water supplies exist, the current production and distribution systems are crippled. WaterChain, an OriginClear® Company, aims to solve this issue through decentralised exchange. This means that exchanges don’t rely on third parties; instead, they are made peer-to-peer, leaving users in full control of their funds. This way, more water entrepreneurs can get access to the water industry using Blockchain. Thus, this technology has the power to improve the quality of water and its accessibility worldwide.

“Blockchain can open the water industry to more entrepreneurs by creating a new funding mechanism using tokens and smart contracts. Individuals can fund new water enterprises by purchasing tokens in a blockchain-secured marketplace, in exchange for a share of the profits. It’s similar to investing, but removes the middlemen in favor of an open exchange. And blockchain verifies transactions to guard against fraud and theft.”

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