Aquatech LATAM Awards

Aquatech Mexico Award provides recognition to organisations in the water technology who are innovative and considering future in their products. Aquatech Mexico Award enjoys an industry prestige and a worldwide commercial impact, with winners and nominees alike being seen as trendsetters for the next generation of product development.

In 2019, 16 projects were presented at the Aquatech Mexico Latam Awards.



Who can participate?

Aquatech Mexico Award highlights thinkers and creators breaking new ground in the water industry and strongly advocates companies that are committed to innovate in the water industry forward.

Participation is open to companies and organisations who must be affiliated to at least one of the following categories:

  • Government
  • Concessionaires
  • Academies
  • Aquatech Exhibitors


    The benefits of participating

  • Receive the recognition in our industry – This is your chance to showcase your achievements and celebrate your success with your team.
  • Stand out of the crowd – Enjoy the glory and the honour of going up on stage with your colleagues and in front of our industry
  • Raise your company profile – Receive coverage in industry publications and have the opportunity to talk about your achievements and successes.
  • Associate your company with Aquatech – Nominees have the exclusive right to use Aquatech Mexico Award logo as part of your campaign.
  • Be part of an extensive social media campaign dedicated to the Aquatech Mexico Award.


    Maximum exposure

    With around 6400 professional trade visitors, Aquatech Mexico is the ideal place to introduce your latest project, solution or product. The organizers of Aquatech Mexico are committed to publicizing your ward entry in various ways:

  • All entries will be presented on the Aquatech Mexico website
  • All nominees will be exhibited at the special Aquatech Mexico Award area
  • The finalists and winners will receive promotional material (logos) for publicity purposes
  • The overall winner gets free publicity in the Aquatech Mexico media and via a press announcement sent by the Aquatech Communication Dept.

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    Criteria for registration

    Registration instructions

    To be evaluated as a valid nominee, all applicants must meet the criteria and be related to at least one of the Aquatech segments.

    Point of entry:

    • Sustainability and Sustainable
    • Proven solutions and / or products not older than 2 years
    • Proven real project, solutions or product
    • Innovative character


    The Jury Panel

    The Jury Panel is integrated of prominent professionals and experts in the water sector. It is a plural jury with representatives of public and private institutions, who will determine the selection of the two candidates.

    Aquatech Mexico Award

    The Jury will meet on August 8th for the final evaluation y the selection of the two nominates.

    Aquatech treats all material in the strictest of condence, in keeping with data protection laws. Each member of the Jury Panel has signed non-disclosure agreements ahead of the judging process and the content of your entry will remain sealed from the public with the exception of the 50 - 100 word synopsis. The synopsis is the only material that will be made publically available.

    Submitted entries will not be discussed outside of the Jury Panel.

    Members of the Aquatech Mexico Award Jury are:

    • National Association of Water and Sanitation Companies of Mexico - ANEAS
    • National Chamber of the Industry of Oils, Fats, Soaps and Detergents - CANAJAD
    • National Council of Environmentalists - CONIECO
    • National Polytechnic Institute - IPN
    • National Autonomous University of Mexico - UNAM

    Award Ceremony

    The Aquatech Mexico Award ceremony will take place at the Opening Ceremony, Tuesday September 3th, 2019.


     The Aquatech Awards in this edition will be divided into
    two categories:


    a) Specify how many people are or will be benefited

    b) Mention the place where the project is developed or will be developed

    c) Mention if it is supported by a private company, institution or organization


    Transport & Storage

    Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Distribution, Sewerage and Tanks & Silos.

    Process control technology & process automation

    1 Automation, Process control equipment, Dosing equipment, Data logging, Detectors, Management/control models, Computer simulations, asset management and smart metering.

    Water & Water Waste Treatment

    UV treatment, Separators Reverse osmosis, Activated carbon, Membrane ltration, Filters, Chemical water treatment, Biological water treatment, Drainage equipment, Desalination equipment, Sludge separation and, Presses/centrifuges.

    Flood Control

    Sludge separation, Drainage equipment, Flood management, Storm water, Coastal protection and Flood and water bodies control.