3 - 5 June 2019

Industrial Water Leaders Forum 

Learn from experts, and share your thoughts on the challenges in Industrial Water. You're invited to join other key players and thought-leaders who are shaping the future of water in China. From policy makers to regulators and engineers to technologists, and most importantly the end users themselves. Together we will hear their plans to meet the challenge laid down by the Water Ten.

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3 June 2019 (first day of Aquatech China 2019)

09:30 - 14:00, including networking lunch
National Exhibition Center Shanghai


Co-organisers: Aquatech China and GWI
Founding partner: Ecolab
Supporting partner: AWS


Registration for the Industrial Water Leaders Forum costs USD 300.


Industrial Water Stewardship, Value from Wastewater, and many more.

Industrial Water Leadership Forum: The Water Ten

Adding value to industries through water

Industries in China are facing challenges due to stricter regulations on water usage and discharge. Meanwhile, they are beginning to look at water in a new way. Rather than a free raw material to be used and abused as they choose, they are beginning to see opportunities that benefit both the environment and their shareholders through better water stewardship. However, they are not water experts, and they don’t have available capital to spend on expensive equipment.

Industries are encouraged to seek expertise of third parties, for cost-saving solutions to help them meet the regulations and also maximise water and energy efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core business.

IWLF will bring together key stakeholders and outline the challenges of the industries. Can these challenges be turned into a positive opportunity for all parties? How can water players add value to industries? What’s the best practice in water use for different industrial processes? How to close the gap between what is needed by end users and what can be offered by solution providers? Besides insights shared by keynote speakers, the two panel discussions will address the issue both from a management and technology point of view.

Water Pollution Prevention & Control Action Plan: Water Ten 

In 2015 China’s State Council published the Water Pollution Prevention & Control Action Plan (“Water Ten”) – a plan to dramatically reduce water pollution and strengthen water management. 

With the 2017 deadline of several goals outlined in the Water Ten just passed, China is taking stock on its progress towards meeting these targets. 

What have been the key challenges in meeting these targets? Which kind of technologies are needed for solutions? What's new and what's next in water reuse?


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(The registration for IWLF includes your ticket for Aquatech China 2019)


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